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Excalibur and Universal Love

What does excalibur mean to you?

In April 2022, I was given an insight into Universal Love that I didn’t understand. I questioned if I’d gotten the words right, or had heard their insight correctly. It’s been almost a year now, and while cleaning up some errant computer files, I came across something I’d titled, “Not Sure About This One”. I remembered questioning some of the wording I’d received in this Universal Love update.

Meditation to Find Your Purpose with Universal Love

Enter through the rose center

Have you considered the new means of entrance the Elders suggested last week, the portal they proposed you employ to gain entrance to the heart space? The Elders recommend entering through the center of the rose. In that update, they shared how this alternate and more effective means of connection could be enacted. It was by superimposing a rose over the heart space and entering through its center. They shared then that you might find new insights and ultimately your purpose in this way. Are you ready to discover and incorporate just a bit more?

Universal Love – the Transcendent Love that allows more to be

Universal Love Meditation

Move Universal Love into this world in a global way. Universal Love is that transcendent Love that allows more to be a part of your life. Universal Love is so much more than most may realize. I know there’s so much more to this equation. The Elders are from the energy of Love and who better to share such insights?

Universal Love Meditation

Universal Love Meditation

Let us tarry as we begin in a way of Loving measure as we move into Love’s expansive and boundless portal that will always and unceasingly embrace, nurture, heal, and restore. This is how the Elders began this week’s meditation which focuses on Universal Love. It’s a meditation focusing on Universal Love.

Help Another – Universal Love

Grow Universal Love to Help Another

Can you help another more readily by enlisting Universal Love? You can if you are ready to consider more. You’ll find more insights shared today as the Elders relate a bit more here. Part of their update is to remind us that we are not living in the highest or most evolved time in Earth’s evolution. Yet we exist in a state of readiness as more is given. They invite you and all who read and hear their update to reach out and ask questions. You can do that so easily now. Reach out with your questions at

Engage Love

Engage Love

Have you considered engaging Love into the world today? If you wonder what could be done from such a fractured state consider what can be engaged in an uplifting sort of way. We will say, fractured in such a way unimaginable even mere months ago. You see, this energy has been brewing for quite some time. And so what might be done to help in the dissipation and the revitalization of all that has come before? 

Love Heals – More Than Just An Emotion

Might you now consider interjecting love within each activity as you move throughout this day? Love is the Universal key to healing, wholeness and is the mechanism that will create a shift when conceptualized in its fuller capacity.

Love Can Change Your Life

Do you agree that love can transform and change your life? We would say that life has its twists and turns. All are learning or continuing to learn here. Some believe they must move in a more radical yet exclusive manner to assist others. They see their way and thought process as the only one of merit and value. Some become lost in such delusionary thinking.

The Beauty of Diversity (#12)

The Beauty of Diversity, Why It Exists – Now, Consider Adding a Dash of Love into the World of Form. #12

Do you wonder about diversity and why it exists? Have you considered the value it brings as you muse upon it now? Know that it is for a purpose and one that evokes clarity and more defined understandings. For if everything were the same, how would you know the difference between one preference versus another?

Move this day to bring Universal Love into play in a big way. Move it into this world of form and all that progresses from this point forward.

Heal Your Broken Heart

Broken Heart Meditation

Have you wanted to expand the way you see things or perhaps heal a broken heart? Here, the Elders give the means to bring in Light Energy so that you can heal, restore, and make whole that which is diminished right now.