Isn’t It Time to Remember Why You are Here (#1)

Do you wonder about life today, why it is as it is? And do you wonder why you are here? What brought you into embodiment, and why do you find yourself in the life you now lead?

You can now more readily access tools to determine all of these things that were not in existence a few short years ago. Might you discover them and move to embrace the many teachings found there? Embrace more at There you will find our books, blog posts, and much more.

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Discover the Real Role of Your Purpose and Why It’s So Significant

What is the real role of your purpose, and why does this matter? In many regards, your purpose is the thing that is meant to fuel your days. It is meant, in this life, to be the reason and the rationale that puts a spring into your step. It moves you to want to accomplish, do or be. Do you see that was and continues to be the reason for why you are here?

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Course Corrections — Why They Matter and How to Deal with them Effectively

Have you ever wondered about those course corrections we’ve discussed previously? How they work and their value? Why should you want to acknowledge, engage, and implement signs which are precursors to a course correction — sooner rather than later? And what are some of the steps we allude to which will begin to activate that internal shift to more readily occur? We reference here the internal shifts a course correction enlists.

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