How Does a Person Meditate to Stop Mental Distractions

Still the Mind Meditation

Utilize this and other meditational exercises (see below) to move the mental box outside of the space in which it normally resides. Meditate more easily this way. Now you can engage a means to elicit answers. To ascertain those things you desire to know more readily. In this way, the answers you want now can be more easily recognized and received. Meditate to regain that mental control as you still and slow the mind’s engagement.

Universal Love Meditation

Universal Love Meditation

Let us tarry as we begin in a way of Loving measure as we move into Love’s expansive and boundless portal that will always and unceasingly embrace, nurture, heal, and restore. This is how the Elders began this week’s meditation which focuses on Universal Love. It’s a meditation focusing on Universal Love.

How Do You Awaken – Are You Ready?

What Does it Mean to Awaken

First, if you’ll indulge me, I promise to start the awakening discussion next. But if you’ll allow me to digress for just a moment and to extend an invitation to join us this Friday and Saturday at our first event of 2023. It’s not too late to register and join us in Greensboro because you can attend virtually too. Ask questions and be a part of the energetic flow of energy as the Elders bring insights and understandings during our time together. Thank you for indulging me. Now back to this week’s post.

Why Do I Lash Out?

Greensboro Event

Recognize that other people in your life can (and do) hold integral components for your life’s progression. I’ll suggest that if you knew something was off, you would work to correct it. But if you have an issue that you didn’t know existed, then what? How do you fix something you don’t know needs fixing? And if lashing out isn’t something you routinely do, is this odd action meant to be a sign to explore why you did something so out of character? Does an occurrence need to be so extreme that you want to figure out why you did as you did? If it wasn’t extreme, would you just blow it off and continue on?

This New Year & Fearless Podcast

2023 New Year Resolution

I always look forward to New Year’s activities. The many resolutions that result and the clean slate each new year suggests. As you look at your objectives do you add lifestyle choices, career goals, or personal transformative objectives to your list? And if personal transformative steps aren’t on your list, do you understand the value of incorporating them there? If you start by getting to the core issues that define you and moving from there, do you see how everything else moves with you? So if you buoy up this one thing, then the others are buoyed up too.

Unhappy, Depressed or Out of Sorts

View from the top of the world

Before beginning today’s post, I’d like to announce our new and improved website. It launched earlier this morning. Take a look around and stay for a while. Once you’ve checked things out, as you navigate about, please share your feedback with us at! And I’ll add that if you feel unhappy today or many days, if you feel depressed or wonder what’s the point, we’ll dive deep to bring you more to feel happy about. Your perspective will change when you envision life from a different vantage.

Everything is Energy, Vibration, Frequency

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Do you recognize that everything is energy, vibration, and frequency? Does that align with your thoughts? Does this statement make sense? It’s pretty straightforward and a concept I hadn’t really considered until I met up with the Elders.

Manifest the Best Day Meditation

Manifest the Best Day Meditation

The Elders share and provide information on how to manifest the best day. In this meditation, you’re given insights that allow you to bring forward a magnificent day, an intentional day, one that is wanted and desired.

Align with Universal Flow

Align with Universal Flow

In today’s update, the Elders remind us that both anchoring and aligning are important steps to take. That your body posture is also an important consideration when you want to more readily anchor. They suggest that finding gratitude as you begin and end the day most beneficial. These are all necessary components within the mix of how you might frame your day and align with Universal flow.

Robyn Locke Discusses the Elders on Podcast

closer to venus podcast with gue

Check out the Closer to Venus Podcast which aired on Saturday, November 19, 2022, with host Johnny Burke. Johnny focuses on The Greater Purpose. This book is made up of the three books that comprise the purpose book trilogy. Johnny Burke: Welcome to Closer to Venus. I’m Johnny Burke, and today’s guest is Robyn Locke. She is […]