What’s Life without Purpose

While living in Boulder County, Colorado, I discovered that I had the means to energetically connect to something greater than my little me. It was an incredible realization and one that took me a while to fully believe. I’d been asking to find my purpose for years and knew I was on the right path, but I wanted more. And so from that strong desire to discover more, more was given. And I was given beautiful insights that I found I wanted to write down so they would not be lost. In time, I’ll turn those insights into another book but for now, I will share the little book that was shared with me then, it’s The Little Book to Find Your Purpose.

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What do Dreams Mean Spiritually?

Do you dream? Do you remember your dreams? Do you realize that dreams are a means of giving you real moment updates as to how you are doing and if you are on track? On track spiritually. They give you a quick assessment of how you are progressing – maybe that day or maybe for a longer clip of time … But how would this help and how do you figure out what your dreams really mean?

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Closer to Venus Podcast

Have you wondered why you are here? Do you wonder about living your life in the time you find yourself?

I recently had the honor of being a guest on the Closer to Venus Podcast. It’s hosted by Johnny Burke and is all about the burning topics: why we are living today and where we are going. It’s the central theme of his podcast. So fun to add another perspective into the mix of understandings. I had the pleasure of sharing what I’ve learned during this in-depth interview.

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Easily Manifest by Creating Thought-Forms

Have you wondered about how to create all you want to bring about in this life? How do you manifest the perfect life, the best job, the house of your dreams, or a life that brings you the fulfillment you’ve been seeking?

Simply create thought forms and move all components into cue today. Grow your intentions and those things you want by creating thought forms.

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Closer To Venus Podcast

Robyn appeared on Closer To Venus Podcast. A Podcast About Why We Are Here And Where We Are Going. To read the full transcript of this interview, click the continue reading button below.

You can listen to the podcast here:

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