Uncertainties: Are They Certain?

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Do you wonder about this world and the uncertainty that seems to exist today? Do you wonder about life that seems to be constantly changing and morphing into a reality that you do not understand or know? Do things seem to progress at such a rapid pace that you do not know why and how this world will continue without involvement to a degree in this or that activity or cause? Do you wonder and pause?

Are you on the Right Path in Life

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Within life, do you wonder if you are progressing in the right way? Are you on the right path? And how do you know if you are if you are only midway through your storyline? What is the best means to know where you are in your journey so that you do not find yourself at the end of it and asking then when it is too late to effectively make changes and reroute a course that maybe off in the woods … lost so to speak?

Are You A TV Junkie

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Do you wonder about the effects of television (TV)  and if you are a TV junkie? And why is this an issue to your spiritual progression? Do you wonder? Have you asked?

Why Is Change so Difficult to Enact

Why is change so difficult to enact?

Do you see in life that change is often so hard to enact? It’s so hard to move into cue. Why is that? Why is there difficulty in moving away from one that does not offer you what you want … where you exist in an unwanted way? Why is that so seemingly difficult to move away from this and toward that? Do you wonder? Would you like to know now?

Will you Find Your Purpose?

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The Elders last discussed regaining control of your thoughts in the previous blog post. Now consider what you think about when you’ve received bad news. Or maybe consider your thoughts when you’ve newly uncovered a bad or unwanted situation that exists. Do you focus on this thing and work through it or do you just ignore it? Do you see the choice that you are presented with here when bad things happen? You see, all are choices and when you deem such occurrences as bad or problematic then they become exactly as you perceive them to be. Instead, choose to feel better even when adversity appears. Here’s how …

When You Can’t Find Your Purpose

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Do you wonder sometimes about life and why things are drawn to you and what their true meaning is? Or perhaps, do you wonder why certain things happen in your day-to-day dealings? Do you wonder how you’ve attracted this or that person or thing into your life? And I hope you recognize the significance of why you want to control or more readily be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. It is so that you might better align to find your purpose.

What Do You Purposely Seek to Know … Ask Us


Do you look at today in the wonderment of all that might unfold? Do you seek more? Know that as you traverse this life, you must continually want more in order for more to appear. Do you see that if you are complacent with the way life is proceeding that nothing more can be placed into cue for how would you find what is there if you are not looking for that newness of life to be found, discovered, and revealed? Might you ask?

This Reality is Absolute Illusion – Seek More

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What does it mean that this reality is merely an illusion? It is illusionary – yes, you’ve heard this before, but what does this concept really mean? What does it imply to exist here rather than there, and why did you come here in the first place if it were not simply the ultimate place in which to be?

Choose Expansiveness Over Struggle

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Life was not meant to be a struggle, but on the earth plane, it oftentimes is just that. It has become a motivating influence to many and serves to influence those by what it portends. So in the struggle, the doings do sometimes occur ritualistically and perhaps other times they occur out of inspiration. It is the inspirational aspect that we focus upon here.

Empowered Connection – Does it Exist as you Believe

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We will say that connection is a monumental thing. And so, how does this or that means of connecting you (to what is) exist? How does it move you to find the next best thing, and how might you move in a way of significance or continual motion? How might you reach that ultimate destination, arriving where you truly seek to go?