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    Part of the joy of being on Earth is living in the pure potentiality that free will offers. Here you have the opportunity to experience life and recognize the expansiveness of this earth plane. So much is possible here and it starts with your right thinking. What do we mean by this? Recognize between thoughts that propel you on the path that you want to be journeying on. Seek to discern between different feelings and choose those that feel better.

    Know when some of this does not feel as you might prefer that you can change things up. When you feel negative sensations internally resonate from time to time, choose to embrace different thoughts. Move away from the actions associated with negative feelings and seek to bring thoughts in that make you feel good. If a thought engages you in a manner not preferred, then seek another. In that way, you do not become trapped in a pattern that may reduce Universe’s flow to you at the speed in which it was intended to reach you.


    Life does have a way of producing choices. A series of choices that truly are not really good or bad. Good and bad are relative and subject to judgment. We make no such judgments here so you must realize that when you hear discussions about good acts and bad ones, then realize they have been tainted by another’s interpretation from a limited perspective and thus judged.

    Move into Universal Flow

    When you move into Universal flow, you allow an acceleration to occur. It is cosmic law for you to receive what you focus upon and that which you have a cosmic fingerprint to receive through your focus. What does it mean when we say cosmic fingerprint? It is how things flow or are returned to you. As such, you reap the full measure of acceleration to receive what you have now aligned yourself with and to, through your focused attention. You see, you do energetically draw all things to your doorstep.

    Have You Felt Judged

    Have you ever wondered why you have felt uncomfortable at certain gatherings with people you barely knew? Have you felt judged without saying anything? Yes, it could be that comments were made about you, but might it be something else?

    Perhaps people had picked up on your energy as you picked up on theirs?

    Consider this premise as you recall a time you felt a shiver go up your arm as you placed your attention on a loved one who is no longer living. As you focused on them, did you feel their presence or get a sensation that reminded you of their love? Do you feel their love whenever your focus returns to them? You see, by your focused attention, you can draw the energy of those you love to you at any time. Think of this and recall experiences you have had and the love that bridged you to the non-physical plane. Yes, all is possible utilizing your unyielding focus. And, too, through Love. 

    Vibrational Mix

    So know, too, that as you focus on those things you want and then apply the right mix of vibrational action, the return is exponentially enhanced. It is in this flow where many accelerations can occur and your momentum can be sped up in quantum terms.

    Do not become scattered or develop a push/pull momentum. Stay one-centered as you focus on your objective to manifest what you truly desire.

    And it will be so.

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