Age is Just a Number, Be Ageless

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    Age is only a number

    What is age other than a number and reflection of the body vessel? Unless a person does something to alter themselves, one never mentally feels any older than in their youth. There is an important point here that must be alluded to and is central to eating choices that have been made throughout one’s life. The amount of sugar ingested and other life choices make alterations to how the body functions.

    So as one ages and a degeneration of the body takes place, for some too, the mind begins to slip away. There is an epidemic occurring now with the increased number of individuals experiencing Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and other conditions that limit an individual’s cognitive abilities, requiring assistance to help them complete the simplest of tasks.

    There are a number of factors that come into play here. Consider first that each has a life plan they are working from, then add to this the life choices they have made throughout their life. The combination of the many components here determines their reality now. Do you see that although they were in a momentum to do this or that, they have added to that trajectory by making certain choices along the way? Those choices have consequences or outcomes that result in their here and now.

    Feed Your Body Wisely

    Depending on nutritional choices, the body is the recipient of all things ingested and so if they are fueling the body with good things, the body responds with vitality and is vibrant accordingly. These nutritional decisions also impact the way the brain functions and the way the brain is able to process information. Know that when there is a strong desire to change the trajectory of a life, positive change can result. Choose wisely. Remember moderation.

    Be Ageless

    be ageless - age is only a number

    Age was created as a means of marking one’s growth. It was not deemed as a negative factor, but rather a space to reach and then enjoy. The enjoyment potential is diminished respective to the way it is perceived in that so many see it as a negative thing. Choose different thoughts and engage from the vantage of the knowledge it portends.

    Be ageless. From this vantage, do not associate with age in a negative vein, but rather see it from the vast potential it allows. When you are ageless, you evoke a measure of youth as you disassociate with the number and engage with the wisdom aspect here. 

    Share Your Knowledge

    Goals in retirement seem to have also shifted to reflect more on how one might spoil oneself rather than taking the accumulated knowledge from this life and endowing it upon others. Choose differently. Make an intention to give back, share, and impart your learned experience with others. This is the very essence of what was believed to be the return to youth as an invaluable exchange might occur. Choose to share your knowledge and know the value of the gift you impart. Enjoy fun activities and events, yet know your words may buoy up another into another line of thinking. We ask you to consider the positive potential in all things and the positive change you hope to affect upon another. Share your positive perspectives along the way.

    Although the original intention was the sharing of accomplishments and discoveries from one generation to the next, look for those who seek guidance along the way. Find those who you might assist and choose to live a life of service to others. Don’t you find the greatest joy in providing a boost to another?

    Choose to engage with those young and old alike. Share expertise with those who are experienced and inexperienced. Both groups are served in this exchange regardless of another’s age as there is value in the dynamic created here. Recognize the connectedness of all and share through mutually beneficial associations. Give your time to such endeavors as these interactions will surely return benefits beyond measure.

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