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Alchemy & Elixirs, Part 2

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    What is an elixir?

    Do you know what it means when the Elders discuss elixirs and how it relates to the recent post, Are You an Alchemist? As they move to discuss this liquified substance – recognize elixirs are a most magical substance. Elixirs can bring more into your life than you might currently believe. Ingest an elixir to feel its marvelous healing qualities. You can heal and restore your body when charging your own potion to do so. Create it with energy transferred by your hands. What was once simply water has the ability to become so much more.

    Do you understand what is suggested here? You have the ability to join with that higher part of you, known as your Soul, to infuse your selected liquid of choice. Ask your Soul to infuse it with whatever properties might best heal what is amiss. It is the means of restoration when you join with your Soul to infuse and charge this wondrous potion. Do so together. If you don’t have the ability to hear what your Soul suggests, feel your way through the occurrence. This soon-to-be charged elixir is a most precious healing modality.

    Although this elixir is created especially for you, it also can benefit others. Infuse it with Universal Love to enhance its healing properties. As you place your hands in proximity to the liquid you choose to infuse, also set the intention to move it out and into the world. Do so as you infuse the elixir with the healing properties of this unparalleled Love. 

    As you drink this energy-infused liquid, focus to feel its significant healing properties. Feel balance and complete wholeness as you set the intention for this to be. Feel the benefits of this infusion. Know that it is a powerful elixir as you choose what energy to place into it. Know this infusion is restorative. It is magical. Charge any liquid you choose. My liquid of choice is water. Consider adding, as I do, some lemon or lime juice to make it taste yummy. 

    Restorative Elixir

    Drink in the elixir knowing that restoration is what is being administered and absorbed. Can you believe and know this to be unquestionably true? Treat this as a most-holy liquid as you still the mind during its infusion. Be sure to set your mind aside and on the shelf as the Elders suggest. Do know that the mind’s mission and ambition is to maintain control over the body vessel. 

    Recognize there is much value to slowing or stilling the mind during this reverent time. Again, it is most advisable to shelf the mind here. The mind cannot understand this discussion or the benefits we suggest so be sure to pause its ramblings. 

    Now set the stage to receive even greater insights from within. In this way, you might grow the connection to your higher presence. Might you establish the means of growing what you cannot see? Now you are growing your ability like you would grow a muscle. Hear or inwardly connect to the insights given from this fun, yet mystical exercise. Grow the connection to a very integral part of you. You see, your Soul and its objectives are also your objectives. Know this to be so.

    Grow what you prefer. Know your growth will allow you to live a more advanced existence expanding how you understand it to be. Wouldn’t that be preferred? In this way, you can begin to see the life you are living has alternate perspectives to explore. Delve into this level of knowingness as you move to embrace what was previously unknown. 

    Drink It In

    Now allow healing to take shape as you drink this energetic potion. Ask inwardly for more instruction. Are you ready for this level of awareness? Are you able to consider that you may have had a tool available that you were unaware of or hadn’t considered enjoying earlier? You are a magnificent creator with more abilities than you may be ready or willing to believe. Delve into these insights like an explorer of old. Explore, and define as you determine how you see this life. How will you imagine or envision it to be? Do this and see what springs forth from your new level of awareness.

    Do you recognize that alchemy is a science that was used in earlier times? Might I suggest that earlier times do not necessarily refer to a more primitive time than experienced today? The Elders have shared that there was a more advanced time on this planet. Does that seem plausible to you? So if others have used elixirs in another, more advanced time, what might you envision when creating your energy elixir now? Can you pause and still the mind to discover more?

    As you charge this liquid substance, think back to that earlier time. What might be infused in your elixir? What beneficial ingredients can you imagine in this infusion? Then surrender what you do not know. Unknown by the knowingness of the mind, yet known by your Soul. Consider now drinking in wholeness and total health. Feel the absorption as it moves throughout your body. What else might be created in this way? Plan to infuse and charge this elixir as you listen now to the Elders’ update.

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