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    Here the Elders discuss the significance of centering or aligning from your heart space as you consider pondering or reflecting upon something under deliberation. Do you understand what they reference here? And do you see how beginning from the heart space instead of engaging mentally, is what they hope to convey? You see, often that line of questioning begins mentally.

    Years ago, when I would consider something new, I’d weigh my options. Its pros and cons. I did this mentally. You know this point is good; that point isn’t so great. I’d then see which side had more bulleted points. Do you do that too? But what if that’s not the best way to discover or access the best choice? It certainly is effective to see it all written out like that. All the points of consideration are spelled out right before you. Yet, is it possible that there are other points that you hadn’t thought about? Your mind was not focused there at all. So these other things didn’t readily appear as quickly as did the others.

    Heart Space

    Here the Elders suggest that you might consider finding a more long-term solution and not merely a quick fix. And to do that, you’ll have to be a bit patient. When ready to wait to get the more significant or weighty answer, you’ll need to sit with it for a while and reflect a bit longer. They suggest you consider it overnight or over the next few nights.

    I also recall suggestions to do these things in a more light-hearted, quizzical manner. If that feels right, then add that into the mix of the process. Positive results are always key indicators. However you engage to discover this oh-so significant thing, do so once aligned from the heart center. This would be a good thing to do. Then delve into what surfaces. Have you tried this before? As you see, they are all about long-term solutions rather than quick fixes.

    And so they suggest that you might consider something that is more of a tried and true measure. They believe it to be something that will withstand the test of time. Something that will make you feel good because you are being guided by that more consciously aware part of you as opposed to a mental prompting. Do you see the difference?

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    Way Back When

    I didn’t have their insights or this understanding a number of years ago. It would have been a welcome addition to my life. I would have made some different and more expedient choices but I’m here and oh-so grateful. All the detours I took circled me back to where I needed to be. And I’m so grateful for each step that has led me to this point in time. And although I’m grateful for each step I’ve taken, having this update would have certainly produced a more streamlined discovery.

    I’m just saying that you have a leg up on what I knew when I came to the many crossroads in my past. Each allowed me different experiences and their associated vistas. It was during this or that journey that I discovered this or that choice wasn’t the best or most expedient option. So they were choices that took me on a little journey or detour. Now, you don’t need to embark as I did. Of course, all is a choice.

    If you want a more long-lasting, direct path, then sit and ponder, contemplate or reflect upon what you want to consider. Do that and discover a better option that maybe wasn’t even on your radar beforehand. Try this out and see where it leads you. Aren’t you ready to sidestep some of the missteps as you look to discover a bit more?

    Here is what the Elders share as you listen now to their insightful update…

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