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Align with Universal Flow

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    Align with Universal Flow

    In today’s update, the Elders remind us that both anchoring and aligning are important steps to take. Your body posture is also an important consideration when you want to more readily anchor. They suggest that finding gratitude as you begin and end the day to be most beneficial. These are all necessary components within the mix of how you might frame your day and align with Universal flow.

    Anchor Now

    If you haven’t yet anchored today, consider doing so now. As mentioned, the Elders discuss anchoring and its significance. Anchoring allows you to be more firmly-footed. In this way, you can have greater stability than were you not to become anchored in the way they describe. 

    The Elders compare this to standing on sand versus standing on more solid ground — such as standing on bedrock. Wouldn’t you rather feel that sort of stability under your feet when something bad happens? That way you don’t go off the deep end by what the mind might suggest. 

    I know in my life, I haven’t always had the surest footing. I didn’t know the Elders when I experienced my more significant life sagas. I didn’t have their words of wisdom in my ear or on a page like this that I could read. Many times I couldn’t feel the energy I’d created much less their energy. I’m so very grateful to have them in my life now though. What a difference their words inspire.


    They also share a bit about gratitude — that you might express your gratitude at night and as you awaken. In this way, you are able to let Universe know what you want more of as you place your focus there.

    Expressing gratitude could be directed toward big or little things. Things that others might miss in the haste of a busy day. To pause long enough to see the beauty in the changing colors of a season or the beauty found in the petals of a flower. Each is an expression of what you might desire to reflect upon. 

    If you express gratitude for someone in your life, you might also see those same characteristics in another more easily. Or perhaps you find a mix of energy that buoys you up and you give gratitude for that recognition. 

    You draw everything to you by the thoughts you keep. Gratitude shifts your energy. So as your day begins, you will be operating from a different vibrational frequency. Then everything and everyone responds to what you have set into motion. This newly inspired energetic version is what comes into play now. And if you are focused on the things you like, then you experience more of that newly aligned energy. Your new energetic blueprint. 

    Isn’t it wonderful to think of life being so magical and wonderful as this? Life can be what you craft it to be by holding better, more uplifted thoughts. Gratitude is a great way to set you on a new energetic trajectory.


    The Elders have shared previously that you want to have an erect posture when you seek a new engagement or new understanding. In this way, energy can more easily and effortlessly flow through you. You, of course, can sit in any way you prefer. It’s just that when you begin to delve into a new teaching or a new understanding, consider taking some extra steps to bring about the greatest return. 

    You want to be in the posture that will facilitate the greatest means to discern something previously unknown. As you explore something new, take extra steps that will maximize what you hope to energetically foster and grow.

    Universal Flow

    Being in Universal flow is where you want to be. It’s where things can more readily happen. So when you want to maximize all the steps you’ve taken…those that will take you further in life, aspire to be in the flow of all that is. That’s my objective. Grow what you cannot see. Strengthen what you seek in order for more to be. Now let’s listen to what the Elders share…

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