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Why Seek More

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    Always Seek More

    Do you wonder why you are to seek more? Do you know why the Elders recommend you to seek in this way? You see, Universe awaits knowing your wants and desires. Make them known. This is how you enlist wanted and desired things to be given and for them to appear in your life. Thus, it is so important always to seek more.

    So often we have a kernel of knowledge and we’re satisfied with that. We believe we’ve got enough of a handle on things to move forward without much more direction or guidance. You might sit and contemplate upon this premise while engaging from your heart space. Ask from there rather than mentally…

    Unseen Entourage

    Do you wonder about your unseen entourage? Do you know they await your desire to ask questions and for you to know more? They wait in readiness to respond back to you. It is because there is the need for you to request and want more first. Quite simply, if you’re not looking for solutions or new avenues to explore and employ, will you be looking for answers when not asking for them? No, of course not.

    So, how are you able to access those unseen beings in the first place? And what’s the point of them being with you day in and day out anyway? In other words, why are they here? And why do you need such beings to be all around you in the first place? Do you see, they will provide answers to those things you’ve pondered upon when you wonder about a premise, posed questions, or simply when seeking more? You’ve had these beings with you throughout this and other lifetimes. They can also be called your Guardian Angels. Those you may have already heard of but maybe don’t routinely engage. They are with you, always, to offer you guidance and direction.

    Life Experience and Crossroads

    Do you recognize that you interpret life a certain way based on previous life experiences? Your perspectives are flavored by these life experiences; they offer direction. Maybe you’ve come to a crossroads and needed to know what to do. Or maybe something bad crossed your path and it caused you to pause and ponder what to do. These crossroads are especially important because you were originally moving in one direction and then these occurrences shifted your steps. You moved in a different way because the way you were going before the occurrence was no longer viable.

    You needed a new navigation tool and the means to cause you to look for something else. Something more preferred. Once you realize the gift given then, this thing will no longer be considered as it once was thought to be. It was simply the means of providing you with a redirect. Redirecting your steps to something more in keeping with your true path. If you have wondered about the crossroads of your life and what things seemed to appear that shifted your steps – wonder no more.

    These are the things that appear at inopportune times. They are uniquely poised and given in this way so that you shift from choosing to go here rather than there. It is as simple as that.

    Discernment is Key

    Discernment, awareness, and recognition are all key components to maintain and sustain. Employ them as you remain consciously aware of all that you do. Recognize this and move in step with what you align with when you slow the mind and still its unending platitudes. The mind limits and blocks much of what you might normally move to adopt were it not in its prominent position of power.

    Always Seek More

    It is when you desire and want to know more, that more can then be given. Maintain a consciously held desire to want and enlist more. Even Wikipedia has more than a few choices on its page referencing more. It is in the wanting mode, where deeper understandings can be gleaned, Now I hope you’ll listen to what the Elders share as they discuss more.

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