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Focus, Feel, & Anchor from the Heart Space

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    focus & anchor

    Anchor, focus, and feel. Do so from your heart space. Do you know what that means? Do you also recognize the importance of feeling your way through this life? Do you know that each thing is meant to be recognized and felt?

    And what about the mind? Do you recognize that the mind distracts and moves you off-course with its mental suggestions and ramblings? It takes a bit of time to overcome the mind and its mental objections. It’s like developing a muscle as you build the ability to do so more easily. Know that the mind interrupts many of those things you want to bring into manifestation. It’s when it introduces something of a lower nature, things you don’t want in your future … it is when you ponder upon those things, that you then cancel out the other. Manifestations are negated in this way. If you haven’t already developed a practice to still the mind, you might want to get started with that objective right away.

    Employ Focus

    Your focus is most critical to employ when you want something (good or bad) to occur within your life. Your focus brings it into being. Your focus causes it to be made manifest. Does that make sense? Do you see why this is so important and why you want to connect with and through your heart space first? None of these things need to take a long time to get underway once you establish a means to do so.

    You also want to be sure to feel each thing as you move about in your journey here. Recognize the value of feeling and how it is integral to all you might accomplish here.

    Utilize the Mind as a Tool

    the mind seeks control

    But do recognize that the mind seeks to block this sort of thing because right now it rules the roost. It controls not only your bodily functions but also the way you advance in this life. Because over time, we’ve allowed this to continue. We haven’t moved it back to its proper position as a tool that was meant to be used when needed. Now it seems to run everything, and the Elders have reminded us that this wasn’t the way the mind was initially established. It was to be merely used as a tool. A tool that you could employ when you need quick direction or guidance.

    Stilling the mind would be the thing to learn how to do now. Controlling the mind and regaining control is a big deal. But now you are recognizing the need to do so. So, just seeing this is helpful. And when you think about this and wonder if this will make a big difference in your life… Do you realize that this is a mental pondering? So redirect the mind when it wanders and when it questions each and every suggestion. These suggestions will change your life and the way you see things.

    Focus on the Heart Space

    So, what does it mean to center, anchor, and align from the heart space? Do you understand what is to be done here since this is a key ingredient in the mix of things? I guess I’ll say that there are steps you might take routinely in a positive framework and in a positive way to enlist more of what you want. Focusing from your heart space is where you might begin all enlistments. It’s where you want to begin each step you take as you begin the day. This step changes the trajectory of your day in a more uplifted way. And changes what returns to you.

    Doing each thing moving from this space will put everything into a heart space objective. You’ll move things out in a way that is not a mental consideration. Try it out and see if this will work for you in the way suggested by the Elders. This is a building block that you will grow more to manifest in your life. Building upon the law of attraction that is brought into play in each thing that you put out and into the world. Listen now to the Elders’ update …

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