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Anchoring Meditation with Instruction to Ask a Purposeful Question to a Higher Source

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    Anchoring Meditation from the Heart

    Have you ever wanted the means to connect to a higher source to provide insights rather than those proposed by the mind? This anchoring heart meditation is the means to ground and anchor to the day and its activities. Today’s update will help you do that and more as you begin by taking deep breaths.

    The Elders also suggest placing the mental box adjacent and upon the shelf. In doing so, you move your mental-ness out of its position of prominence over the body. This will enable a mental stillness and allow the conscious you to ask insightful questions in a contemplative or meditative way. This will enable the greatest means to ask questions above and beyond what the mind might suggest.

    The Value of Gratitude

    Today’s post builds upon last week’s Value of Gratitude blog post where the Elders discussed the significance of becoming anchored within your day. Expand the understanding you may now hold to engage all they discuss here.

    Discover the steps to create a clear pathway for your life moving forward. Move back to discover why you incarnated here initially. Regain the connection you once had with this premise and its purpose. Discover the energy your Soul sought to understand more fully. This is the energy that caused It to move into physical form to embody here.

    Release What Is Unnecessary

    The Elders suggest you can release newly stored energy that is not in alignment with your body. To release lesser energy that is not yet fully anchored to the body. This energy is the beginning of disease and illness. The What If book is another resource to consider as it delves into this in greater detail.

    Gifts Given

    Know there are gifts given in the process. The first they suggest is to release newly stored energy before it anchors. Recognize another when employing gratitude as this energy grows more of its kind. What a wonderful gift!

    You’ll see how anchoring is the means to enable so much more. When anchored, set an intention to feel the difference that occurs within the day. Incorporate new understandings into how you perceive all that moves forward. You are meant to feel this life. So know this meditation suggests engaging the feeling component. Listen to it closely to catch all that it suggests, as they recommend feeling throughout this meditation too. You are meant to feel this life fully. 

    The Original Purpose

    The Elders suggest asking a purposeful question. Don’t miss it. And too, know this is an opportunity to ask questions you may have not considered before. Questions like why you originally chose to incarnate here. Even why you are alive today. This is another means to re-engage your original objective for living this and earlier lives. Will you consider your original purpose now?

    Do you understand what I’m suggesting? Have you ever felt remiss like things aren’t going as you thought they would? Do things not feel as light-hearted or as fun as they should? Are you missing out on living a life of abundance, purpose, or one that makes you feel fulfilled? You see, your original purpose will bring you back around to why you chose to embody, and in doing so, you will discover why you are here.

    The energy you chose to understand is waiting for you to engage when aware that you are doing so. It’s almost as if it doesn’t count when you enact your purpose without knowing that you are doing so. You will want to engage your purpose when you are consciously aware of doing it purposefully. Isn’t it time to move that objective back into cue?

    Feel each thing as you listen and enact the insightful steps found in this meditation.

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