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Are Those You Dislike a Mirror

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    Do you wonder why another person does as they do? Or, why do their actions and your beliefs about what they do, connect to you so viscerally? Could they be acting as a mirror? A mirror to see what you could not see without them? Is this possible? Have you heard about this mirror image concept before?

    I’ll suggest now that the mind doesn’t like being wrong. The mind also doesn’t like having its beliefs challenged or changed. It believes it already knows the next best steps to take. And it relishes playing Judge and jury for each occurrence that crosses its path. Do you see this? Do you see this as being true for you?

    What is a Mirror Image

    So what is this mirroring image concept, and what does it mean to be a mirror for another? Have you asked? Do you know? You see, how would you ever know what another person does unless you knew it to be true for you? How do you ever know what another person does when all you can ever know is yourself? Does this ring true?

    And perhaps, you say, I would never do this thing. I would never lie, cheat, or steal from another person or institution. It isn’t that you would do those things per se. Yet are they done so that something else is accomplished? Perhaps the other person did bad things to control another person or circumstance. Then “control” might be the thing they’re mirroring back to you. Discover the overarching premise instead.

    Flawed characteristics are those things you see as being less than characteristics. But in this world of form, flawed components are those things that are sent as a means of navigation. Do you see that were you perfect, were life perfect, there would be no advancement? There wouldn’t be a way for you to detect one thing over and above another. And wouldn’t life be a bit boring?

    Look at life, and all it offers. All the avenues and vistas held for you to discover. Discover what awaits your recognition. Then see life as the gift that it is. Now see what you couldn’t see without the contribution made by all that this life brings into focus within your play or drama called life.

    Release Beliefs

    What is a belief, and what does it mean to release beliefs, and why is that so important anyway? Do you know? If your beliefs are mostly true, but not completely, what then? And in believing this, maybe you can’t believe that. What would that mean to you, and what other discoveries await connection? Would this matter if you miss the overarching objective or some other key elements you don’t recognize as being key?

    Sometimes we hold premises and understandings so tightly. Might you release them today and adopt a new understanding and perspective? You can always resume a belief, but maybe today is the day to let some of these misunderstandings go. When you are ready, enter into a release belief meditation to do just that.

    In letting go, your perspectives will change because the perspective is needed to reinforce the belief. But once you release your beliefs, the perspective will yield.

    Passing Judgments

    Do you like being judged? Do you believe it’s alright to pass judgment on someone you barely know? How can you know each circumstance, nuance, or thing within the occurrence if you’re not directly involved in it?

    Know that all is a choice. All things exist for you to use your free will to adopt this or that understanding or to become the conscious observer. Be the one who looks on without judgment. Be the one who offers insights without eliciting blame, casting judgment, or inciting some fictitious concept. Take steps to make your tomorrows more carefree. Enlist new options and their opportunities.

    Employ discernment as you progress. Allow for a means of fulfillment to come into your world today. It is when you take steps to find your purpose, that this will occur. It’s why you are here. Find your original purpose and move to align with all you seek to know. Now a short video that sums it all up.

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