Are You Moving in the Right Direction

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    Are you moving in the right direction? Yes, surely your thoughts and desires move you in one direction or another, but are they moving you in a preferred direction? Consciously or subconsciously you are creating a flow of desire based on concepts you set up before you came into embodiment here.

    When all your actions are not aligned as they might be, do you find you move differently? Perhaps not to feel the comfort and joy you would otherwise feel. Out of alignment with the sequence in play or direction sought. Do you feel angst within, which seemingly propels you out of one activity and into the next?


    Some call it self-sabotage; we call it being out of alignment with being. You see, each measure allows for you to be re-directed. Thus, you can shift out of one paradigm and into another, each moving you a step closer to your original reason for being.

    It may not seem so at times, but if you were to move out of your body for a moment and reflect down upon the drama of the life existing around you, would you see things differently? Perhaps, see a pattern of repeat occurrences? Or would you just see things a bit more clearly? It’s easier to think of your day or life as a play in this way. Become the observer, rather than the actor involved in the drama of a play. Move more in sequence with why you came to live life on this planet. Find your purpose, your passion, and reason for living in the nowness of this time. 

    Ponder this. Know that each step, even missteps, will move you closer to where you seek to be.

    Might you trust and believe?

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