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Are you on the Right Path in Life

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    Are you on the right path?

    Within life, do you wonder if you are progressing in the right path? In other words, are you on the right path in your life? And how do you know the answer here when perhaps you are only midway through your storyline? What is the best means to know where you are in your journey? The best means so that you do not find yourself at the end of it and asking then. Asking when it is too late to effectively make the necessary changes to shift a course that may have rerouted you to a location other than where you now seek to be?

    We would say that there must be a wanting and a deeply held desire to know more actually what is what. You cannot look wanting simply confirmation. At this point, are you really asking for direction or simply seeking mind stimulation to discover if you have chosen correctly? There must be more here than that, do you see?

    Meditative Contemplation

    And so, might you sit now in a meditative sort of way and see your life pass before you in clips of time? See a panoramic view that does alter and change. See happiness and happy times that are then paused and pondered upon as you feel the wonders of those happier occurrences. See them in all that they once were and all that they brought to your life. 

    But now also muse upon those times that were not happy. Look upon those occurrences too. Do so with an unimpassioned eye and not from a less-than premise or posture. Not from a lesser stance or woe-is-me mentality. Do so looking to see how you progressed from here to there and now pause upon it. See the decisions made that moved you out of one and onto another trajectory. Look upon that life experience or those experiences in a quizzical way. Might you do so yet again and perhaps even to experience this yet again to see what it gifted you. Will you do so now? 

    Can you look upon those lesser appreciated times and see a value there now? Perhaps not before but might you see what was masked a bit and not seen at an earlier time? This perhaps moved you toward other choices … one that may not have been undertaken had this situation or thing not occurred then.

    And that is the value of this musing and contemplation. That is the value of such a thing in that you are able to look in a whimsical way and see what was not evident before. You are able to see what was not readily recognized. You are able to see what you need to see as you reflect in a way of wonderment and awe.

    For the gift was wrapped and not seen then. But what about now? Pause and muse this day as you look again to all that was and still awaits discovery. The determinants that moved you one way or the other. They helped to move you away from that and back onto this. For isn’t life a mystery as you further muse the pages of your life and its journey?

    Right Path or More Preferred Path

    Now recognize how this one thing redirected you in a way of significance. It moved you away from that and back onto this. And that is what these sorts of reflective times are meant to provide. Each is meant to provide you with a different vantage. It’s meant to provide you with a redirection. A means to see what you could not see before without its added measure. For if you could have moved back to the preferred pathway, you would not have needed this other experience to do so. Yes, this is what moved you back and into better alignment with what was sought. 

    Yes, the trails and pathways taken must be aligned to what you sought to discover. So that you can find yourself on the right path within your journey. So that you move in this way rather than another. That all does align now and you see what you could not see before but was always there. Always within reach. Always there awaiting your desire and wanting to know more.  

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