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    I read a question posed earlier this week in Quora. We answered it. The question was this: Where should awakened people go to meet more awakened people? 

    Quora – Asked and Answered

    Here is our reply — 

    Might you realize that all is drawn to you as the Law of Attraction implies? You don’t need to go anywhere special. Those you seek are always within arms reach. You must remain aware and in the state of continually looking.

    We suggest not in a needy way but in an expectant one. In this way, you can receive by seeing what is given in response to your focused attention and inner desires.

    positive thoughts

    Sometimes you must look in a way you haven’t looked before. Shake things up a bit. Do the unexpected. When you align one way or another, the thoughts you keep draw in what is focused upon. Do you inwardly believe you will not find someone? Do you focus on the negative rather than the positive? These thoughts move you further away or closer to your heart’s objective. It can be no other way.

    Also, be sure to begin your day from the heart space, rather than mentally. You will align differently with the day. Your energy will move you as it now aligns … in a new way. Recognize this and look unceasingly. Intend to plant seeds of positive intention. Release the negative self-talk. In this way, you can manifest and grow all you desire.

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    Ask questions. Still the mind to receive the answers you seek. Look for the answers given in response to what you want to know. Know, too, that more can now be as you move in an expectant yet Loving posture.

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