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    How do you attract what you want sooner rather than later? Start by deciding to move forward as you determine to move closer to what you want. What does it mean to move forward? Is it a physical step, or is it an intentional movement to become more aligned with what you came to do or be?

    You see, as you carve out your day, do so in a purposeful way. Take a moment to look upon what you want to move toward and allow your day to be framed from the vantage of how you want it to unfold. In this way, you can more readily accomplish what you want to have the day manifest for you.

    What Do You Want

    It is when you desire for the day to out-picture what you intend from it that you will allow the day to more readily mirror what you want from this life. You see, all of life does await your direction. The more details you can provide, the better. But then, the key here is to intentionally release all you have envisioned to Universe. Release now to Universe so that more to be added to this equation. Do not hold onto your imaginings so tightly. When you do so you restrict what can be given. When the boundaries of your picture are so tightly woven, how can another element or two be added in between the lines?

    You see, life and all its wonder are there to provide you with the framework for all you seek. Yet you must imagine what you want first. You must give to Universe a loosely woven objective. You cannot say, I just want my life to be bountiful and good; that is not enough. You need more details to be added to your imaginings. Do you see?

    Add Feeling to The Mix

    These are steps that each must take, so let us take a step together now. So as you move toward self-discovery and wholeness, let us pause and reflect on this measure. This is a big step. In this recognition, each must internalize (to some degree) what they want – what they are enlisting to do or be. What do they want to bring forth? Do you understand this? Here is a self-guided meditation that will help with this objective.

    Law of Attraction

    What is the Law of Attraction, and how does it impact your life? And how do certain experiences make you feel?

    When you consciously connect to feel a component established in the creation of some-thing, alignment occurs in a rather seamless way. In the process, you are creating a vibrational equivalent to what you seek to manifest. When you are in the midst of engaging with your creation in this way, your resonance aligns with it and it with you. You, in essence, bring this thing into being because you are attracting it to you. This is the Law of Attraction in action. 

    Do seek wholeness in the mix. Through wholeness, you can manifest more readily and completely. Acknowledge and consciously seek to engage Universe with what you want through your unwavering focus, not by fluke or happenchance. Do so through your purposeful intention, and it will be so.

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