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Be Judgment Free, Seek Discernment

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    How can it be that one might exist in a judgment free zone of living? Do you need discernment to do so? Might it be possible to release those instantaneous knee-jerk responses that seem to so readily appear? Do you believe it is possible to relinquish such judgmental thoughts and respond in a more loving way?

    We tell you that as you move about in this life, this mental state of being will pop up and into play most easily. Yet, what might you consider instead?

    Seek Discernment

    Seek to know if another is taking you down a path that will lead you astray. Recognize when there is an egoic component in the mix. Know when all things align to bring you greater clarity or confusion. When an inflection is registered within your voice, head, or being, know these things are all indicators. You are being shown what to avoid and how you might clearly see what you are moving from and to.

    When you enter into a drama, you shift from being the unimpassioned observer. Now you are engaged and connected to the enterprise. Voice inflection follows and allows you to know when you have become energetically connected or disconnected. Now you connect to this thing as an interested and invested contributor. So when you recognize this, disengage, detach, and refocus.

    Shift into a demeanor that will allow you to continue with the storytelling or enterprise differently. Do you see that when you can look upon anything with a clearer focus, without the filter of your perspective, life lens, or rose-colored glasses, you can see more clearly without any unintended contributing influences altering your steps? These might lead you down another path to a less preferred outcome. So when you engage without an altercation or in an impassioned way, you can more clearly see what is before you. Leave passion behind as you become the conscious observer in the process.

    Judgment Free

    Be judgment-free so your mind does not lead you astray. The mind seeks to inflame and compel you into victimhood, judgment, or some other folly. Be observant and know that when you align from the heart space you will engage differently.

    Judgment is oftentimes self-judgment. Be loving and kind as you choose heart over head as you move in this way.

    Mirror Image

    Oftentimes, those things you judge in another are merely things you dislike nestled deep within yourself. In this way, you can see something more easily that could not be seen without their contribution to your story. You were unaware that this character flaw existed in you. When you can more readily see what thrives and festers within, then you can get about to restore what was amiss. Detect what awaits your detection.

    See what awaits so you can ferret it out. In this way, you release and relinquish what might remain active while hidden. Now you can place attention here or there to address what was formerly unrecognizable. Appreciate and bless this new awareness as it gave you a means of self-reflection. Now you can see what you could not see without it.

    What about its Overarching Premise

    Consider, too, if you do not enact the same flaw but its overarching premise instead. In other words, perhaps they lie, cheat, or steal. However, you do not do such things. But perhaps you believe they do them for self-advancement, to gain a certain stature, or some other supposed premise. This is the character flaw you are meant to see.

    Enter into each situation asking for greater clarity, and less judgment as you seek to engage keen discernment. In this way, you enter and enlist life from a vantage of awareness. Awareness to enact this life in a manner of your choosing. Seek this over a reactionary posture. Consider this preferred stance as you garner a new perspective in the process.

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