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Bountifulness, Ego, Surrender

bountifulness, ego, surrenderKnow when you enter into Universal flow, your doings, and your life are impacted. In that space, know that life can be so much more advantageous and fulfilled when in the flow of wonder and awe.

Even when life gives you a sharp blow, how you react will determine if you remain in that state of happiness or if you are somehow no longer sure-footed and lose your way. That is so with many lives that are built on sand as you heard referenced in the Bible.

When you build your reality on things that do not give you the sustenance needed to maintain your balance, you will more easily fall into a state of disarray and sullenness.

Does one or the other judge according to the goods they own? Does that too shore up the ego, and in so doing, create a sense of separateness from God, Source, Universe? As perhaps now, you have all you desire or need. So, what value can a Universal Source give you? You have all you need as having already acquired wealth and many earthly possessions.

Gratitude & Wholeness

That is, of course, not so. This is the deception that bountifulness imposes when it is not fully understood from a place of gratitude and wholeness.

Such limitations can and should be contemplated so that the Soul is not lost in achieving self-accomplishments. Instead, give gratitude and love. Know each thing was given by God, Universe or however you define your Source. Each given to accomplish each one's purposes while on Earth. There is limitless capability and potential in all of Universe's creations when such recognition occurs.

This is the bountifulness of what it means to accomplish what is sought through surrender and love. For as such, there is no limitation within this world of form.

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