Bountifulness, Ego, Surrender

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    Do you squirrel away your bountiful treasures?

    Know when you enter into Universal flow, your doings, and all within your life are impacted. In that space, know that life can be so much more advantageous, bountiful, and fulfilled when in the flow of wonder and awe. This is a marvelous place to be and so you will want to linger in the midst of this space. Feel this experience and if you are not there yet, feel this as if you were already there.

    Then even when life gives you a sharp blow, how you react will determine if you remain in that state of happiness. If you are somehow no longer sure-footed and lose your way, move back to the space such centeredness brings. You’ve heard about those who have built their foundation on sand. Know in this Biblical way, a foundational footing is needed. Sand shifts and moves and does not offer you the platform of stability you might routinely prefer.

    Tangible Bountifulness or Unlimited Abundance

    When you build your reality on physical things, you will find they do not give you the sustenance needed to maintain your balance, and sure-footedness in this reality. You will more easily fall into a state of disarray and sullenness if too much dependence is placed upon tangible, physical items.

    Does one or the other judge according to the goods they own? Is this the means to shore up ego? In so doing, is a sense of separateness from God, Source, or Universe created? Perhaps now, you have all you desire or need. So, what value can a Universal Source give to you? You seemingly have all you need as having already acquired great wealth and many earthly possessions.

    Can things ever truly satisfy or complete you? We would say no. Your self-fulfillment is garnered in another way. It is from establishing a wholeness and centeredness from within.

    Recognize that abundance is ascertained in other ways. Draw more to yourself through the thoughts you keep and see what manifests in your world as a result.

    Gratitude & Wholeness

    Gratitude and wholeness are what might be sought now. Bountifulness imposes a deceptive inference when considered in a tangible way. Seek a more tangible means of abundance when you do so in a non-physical way. Give gratitude and enlist steps to restore wholeness.

    Such limitations can and should be contemplated so that the Soul is not lost in achieving self-accomplishments. Instead, give gratitude and love. Know each thing was given by God, Universe, or however you define your Source. Each is given to accomplish one’s purposes while on Earth. There is limitless capability and potential in all of Universe’s creations when such recognition occurs.

    This is the bountifulness accomplished through surrender and love. As such, there is more than enough available and accessible within this world of form.


    Surrender is a tricky thing in that it supposes you know enough to alter what had come before. Know that less is known within this physical space than you might suppose. Always seek heart-centered confirmation in all you bring forward. Always elicit Love into the mix. Seek to surrender what is no longer needed or necessary. If you find that something is amiss and you want to remove it from your life, seek to surrender it. Focus upon it to feel the sufficiency of the experience once removed. In other words, how do you feel when it is no more? How will your life be enhanced when this thing is removed and no longer a part of your day-to-day reality?

    Have you considered this? Do recognize that understanding the benefits of its removal and how this removal will enhance your life is a good place to start. Then look at your life as you see it without this thing once removed. Can you do this?

    What value does it bring into your life in its removal or the loss of this thing? That’s important to consider as you recognize how more can be this day.

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