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Choices, Ego and Your Practice

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    Choices are Key - Recognize Ego-ic ones

    Within each moment in a day, there are choices to be made. When you elicit help from ego, you have given the reins of control to that aspect which does not seek long-term benefits, but rather a solution that works for this moment right now. And so, when you seemingly know the next best step, is it from the vantage of your Higher Self or ego? Who has been enlisted to assist in the process to move you forward? 

    Does Ego Guide You

    Since ego can be more readily accessed (as it is the easiest to employ), do you enlist this resource as the best means to receive guidance? Or is it merely the quickest one that offers a candidly boisterous response? Does this most expedient method provide you with the best solutions? What drives your thoughts? Ego suggests things that may appear as the next best choice, a more logical or even from a reactionary posture, but perhaps what it suggests is simply a topical fix. 

    Seek Inner Counsel

    Seek instead to engage with that part of you which is more invested in your long-term success by providing a long-term solution. This other internal resource is more difficult to connect to unless you develop and establish a practice to do so. 

    Remember that ego operates from a baseline of fear. And so, when you lose a job or become ill, ego immediately steps in to offer and suggest some initial next steps. 

    Establish Your Practice

    In the practice of meditation, each does work in a practice they establish to connect to an All-Knowing Aspect that seeks their every advancement and might be a more suitable choice. This resource seeks what is best for their lifestream as a reconnection to their mission or purpose is also sought. 

    So in seeking help, one pops up and into play more readily than another and is actually more brash and visible. Since you hear ego more readily, that is the one which is more routinely heard and thus more readily engaged. Thoughts and actions it suggests do routinely feed the fear. And so all of these fear-based solutions will take the individual off-course by suggesting things that allow ego to remain engaged and enlisted within the process. 

    What we suggest is to establish a practice. Then when you find adversity on your doorstep, you can see things differently once you engage in the practice you’ve established. But first, can you give gratitude for what the occurrence is trying to show you?

    Is it redirecting you to move away from something that (over time) is of no benefit? And so, in giving gratitude, also establish a pattern to still the mind so that you can hear alternate suggestions given. They are there and can be found. Yet, they are not routinely heard when you are in a fight or flight experience. Do you see?

    Seek Stillness

    Seek instead stillness. In that stillness, all you seek can be connected to and more readily seen. Do you see? Then, you move to engage with life in a different way. One that seeks resolve to an unpreferred situation. Find the life that you prefer in this way.

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