Choose Expansiveness Over Struggle

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    Life was not meant to be a struggle, but on the earth plane, it oftentimes is just that. It has become a motivating influence to many and serves to influence those by what it portends. So in the struggle, the doings do sometimes occur ritualistically and perhaps other times they occur out of inspiration. It is the inspirational aspect that we focus upon here.

    And so struggle does produce something of value. You see, all things are of value in this sort of schoolroom. Yes, it is a schoolroom of sorts. It is truly more about the experiences sought … to feel this way or that.

    Struggle – Release It Now

    When you struggle and you focus on struggle, Universe believes that this is what you are wanting and sends you more of that. If however, you do not want to continue in your struggle, then focus on what you have right now. And how you might expand it. Might you prefer this over that? Bring to your doorstep what is preferred instead.

    Do you see that when you focus ever so intently on what you want, more of that is drawn to you? Why focus on anything that is not desired. So release the idea of struggling, pushing, or fighting for anything. In that energy, you are pushing up against what is. Embrace what is and move in a way of engagement. Embrace it and align with it. Draw it into your awareness as you seek more.

    Shift Change This and Your Energy

    Now more in this aligned oneness to shift-change what had come before. Blend and move this newly perceived energy into that which you now desire. See it as the best thing, the most preferred thing as you buoy up this energy to meld and become more preferred as you see it aligning quite nicely with what is preferred. Can you do this?

    Can you see that what is wanted is now exactly as it might be as you meld your energy into all that still might be? You see as you shift and change into what is, you can then draw this thing into a more preferred posture and energy.

    Are You Ready for Transformative Change and Time for More to Be?

    Might we begin today without delay?
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