Allow Mental Clarity InHave you had many things float in and out of your mind? Are you to the point that you do not know when you are in control of your life or when you are just aimlessly floating from one objective to the next? Are you never really anchored to any one thing in particular? Would you like to regain the controls? Regain your focus and navigate through life with more certainty and purpose?

Might you start today?

Clean Up, Clear Up

Know that all is within reach. And the potentialities are endless. Life is, after all, as you desire and as you focus dictates. So if you do not have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, then how can your dreams become real? Do know that your life is (and can be) all that you desire it to be. Set a clear path of intention today as you take certain necessary steps to move all you seek into navigable channels to bring you to your desired destination.

Set Intentions

Do this when you set an intention. When you set intentions, you give direction and purpose to your life. No longer will you flit from one activity to the next without a clear path of purpose. If you desire something to be achieved within this life, why not let Universe know what you'd like to happen? Do you see? In this way, you chart a course of direction unlike any other. Now you will move and gather momentum in all you seek to accomplish. Now in the race of life, you will do each thing with conviction and gain clarity as your abilities grow. As you grow and take certain steps, you navigate uncharted waters in a manner that provides direction as never before.

Know that your path and all you want to undertake is possible when you add direction and desire to the equation. All (and more) can be as you prefer when you spell things out in a clear and precise way.

Frame The Day

First, as you awaken, align by offering gratitude for this day. Past and present points will work. Then move to outline the day as you might prefer. Or might we suggest to frame your day like this? Now let Universe know what you intend to accomplish.Outline the day as you prepare for it in your alignment with it.

What might you intend for your long-term objectives? Do you have one or several items to elicit? Start to see each clearly in your mind’s eye. In time, many details will shift and change. Know that your objectives are yours alone. It is also fine to change your mind from time to time. Allow each objective the freedom and creativity to be all that you intend them to be. 


Now release all these thoughts in your surrender of them. Let Universe fill in the details you've not fully defined. Although specificity is fine, know that those other details may only help you more clearly determine your end result. You see, the devil is in the detail. And so, let go of those things which do not serve as you allow this and more to be. Do you see?

Now enter into the contemplative mode of what might be. Then so much more can become attainable. All is within reach and has the potential for you to access all you seek as never before. And in so doing, you allow all that is sought to be found.

And so it is.