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Closer To Venus Podcast, Episode #60

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    SpiritWoke - Closer to Venus Podcast

    Robyn appeared on Closer To Venus Podcast. A Podcast About Why We Are Here And Where We Are Going.

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    Johnny Burke: Welcome to Closer To Venus. I’m Johnny Burke. Today’s guest is Robyn Locke. She is a transformation facilitator, energy intuitive, and author of the purpose book trilogy (newly titled: The Greater Purpose), which was inspired by her work with Beings known as the Elders. If you’ve ever wondered why you are here and what your purpose is, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. Robyn, welcome to the program.

    Robyn Locke: Thank you for having me. 

    Near Death Experience – NDE

    Johnny Burke: You had a near-death experience. I believe it was 2006 where you heard a voice asking if you wanted to live, and you were actually given a choice. Tell us a little bit about that. 

    Robyn Locke: I didn’t share that story for a long time because I’m not sure how you would term it. And maybe it was a near-death experience — I’ve come to believe that. I was alone in recovery, and I had all these tubes and things attached, and I was looking around and just wondering about it all. I heard a very loud male voice say very clearly, “Do you want to live?” and I said to myself because I couldn’t speak at that point as I had a tube down my throat, and I said, or thought to myself, “I don’t know.”

    I knew what I was up against was going to be a long recovery. I had just kind of gotten through having Graves Disease and then having a really significant nine out of a ten-level of pain (unrelated to the Graves issue). I knew the recovery before me would be somewhat challenging, and I honestly just didn’t know (if I wanted to live). And so my doctor ended up putting me into a very small room because they thought at one point that I’d had a heart attack, which I didn’t feel like I had, but they wanted to take all precautions. So they put me in this little room, and I was hooked up to all sorts of things. It wasn’t until the next morning that I woke up, and all my vitals started to jump (up) because I knew that I wanted to live. 

    It was an allowing. I was given a choice. In that circumstance, I couldn’t speak. I believe that probably a lot of times, you don’t remember having had that experience. But it was an incredible experience, and it took me about two and a half years of recovery to get back to where I’d been before (becoming sick). It was an amazing experience. It was the Elders who asked me (if I wanted to live). I didn’t know (them) at that time. I didn’t know anything more than what I heard and can still hear it clearly in my head today.

    Johnny Burke: What’s interesting about this is that the definition of a near-death experience or an NDE as we know it seems to be morphing where the experiencers don’t necessarily have to flatline in order to reach that state. You mentioned the Elders. A lot of us have heard talk about the Council of Twelve, the Council of Elders, which I believe comes from the life-between-life space that Dr. Michael Newton talked about in his books. Are they one and the same, or might this group of Elders be something different?

    Posing Questions

    Robyn Locke: So what happened was around 2007, 2008, or 2009 … I’d have to look up in my journal to see when it was (precisely) … I started getting up early in the morning like I do today, and I would pose questions (then) — more philosophical questions, and personal questions at that point. And would seek answers, more expansive answers.  I would write them all down. 

    So at that point, I was writing and journaling, and at one point along the way, I asked, “What am I to call you?” and I was given ”the Elders,” and I chuckled, and I said, “That sounds so formal. Can we have a less formal name? Is that okay?” They said, “It will do for now, and that’s how you can refer to us.” I do not believe it is the same council you’ve referred to. These are many Beings … in the hundreds. It is almost a community of sorts. What happens is I’ll get bursts of energy, bursts of information. Then I give that in response to what is being asked. So it is more or less like a bridge of communication from the physical realm … 

    Johnny Burke: … to the nonphysical.

    Robyn Locke: Exactly.

    The Elders are Pure Consciousness & Infinite Awareness

    Johnny Burke: You may be describing what other people describe as spirit guides, guardian angels.

    Robyn Locke: There’s a difference. In this experience, these Beings have given their awareness or their understanding as being Pure Consciousness, Infinite Awareness. I always use capitalization when I talk about that and write about it. And there’s a description on the Advanced Energetics website that talks about them. It’s what they gave me as the definition of who they are. 

    Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels are Different

    Spirit guides, guardian angels, and the like are talked about in the third-purpose trilogy book, which has not yet been released. Typically you have between four and six beings that are not the same (as the Elders), but they are an energetic key to the one that they are with so that when you pray, when you sit in meditation, when you sit in a contemplative moment, and you can still the mind long enough to receive what is given, they are the ones who respond, typically, to a lot of the requests that you might have. 

    Johnny Burke: Is there some kind of hierarchy of light beings, for lack of a better description between the spirit guides, and the angels, and the Elders and …? 

    Robyn Locke: That I can’t directly answer. If you’d like to have the Elders respond to any of these questions, I’m glad to step aside and let them respond. I do know that when you incarnate, people refer to beings that have passed as entities. Entities (are those) that have incarnated. Sometimes they have more that they want to say from the lifetime from which they’ve just passed. So there is not the full knowledge — there is not the full awareness when you’re in that state of having left the body because when you pass from the body, you carry with you your beliefs. That’s why beliefs are so important. I have to digress and just share a little story that came to my awareness yesterday. 

    I have a good friend who won’t read or listen to any of my writings or any of our writings or understandings because she’s very devoted to Jesus and Christianity. And I don’t feel that it’s being disrespectful to Jesus, but that’s her choice … that is how she feels. So I asked yesterday if she’d ever read The Secret and what she thought about it. And she thought it was a great book and she really liked the insightfulness of it. I said, well, that’s interesting because that book was insights that were given to the author when she traveled on a cruise ship with Esther Hicks and Abraham. Those insights are similar to the insights I receive from the Elders. And so, there’s such a stigma sometimes … (chuckle).

    Johnny Burke: Yes, there is. 

    Robyn Locke: I do understand because I was of the same caliber years ago, and I didn’t want insights from entities because I thought entities didn’t have the full 360-view that you might from something of a higher (consciousness) level. So in response to your question, I would say that yes, there is Pure Consciousness, Infinite Awareness that are those who have not embodied, although I’ve been told that some of the Elders have, but not many. But the majority of them have never embodied, and so they hold the full awareness before entering into physical form.

    And so, from that regard, there is a little bit of a distinction. I don’t think it’s that one is higher than the other, more that it’s (a) filtering of the mind. And when the mind doesn’t understand something, which when you get into this work, it really doesn’t comprehend much of this if any of it. And so what the mind does is it blocks what it doesn’t understand, and it judges. In that judgment, it will block what it doesn’t understand; it will compartmentalize many things that you might, or that a listener might, otherwise embrace. 

    So to a degree, it’s pushing through and reminding the mind that it does not control the awareness that resides within this physical vessel. So it’s a retraining in many regards that many of us, me included, (chuckle) are in a mind game most of the time because we weren’t trained, earlier in our youth by our parents or those who raised us or those who taught us, that we are not our minds. We are not our thoughts. And so we have been left to kind of sometimes flounder a bit and allow the mind to control many of the things that we do. And so, moving through all of this, it’s really garnering and gathering an awareness and a new perspective that you control what thoughts you think, you control what you bring into your awareness, and you control the positive or negative things that you continue to focus upon. It’s all a choice. 

    How Insights are Received

    Johnny Burke: You had mentioned earlier that you didn’t have the complete answer to one of my questions, and you offered to step aside and let the Elders answer the question. Now, is that more of a telepathic communication, or is it more of a clairaudient thing where you actually hear a voice saying the answer is this or here’s the answer? How does that work?

    Robyn Locke: So it’s almost like a burst of energy that I get. I hear it in my own voice. And I’ve learned over time to trust what I’m given. And I connect and connected prior to this time (today). It’s just a rather seamless thing, but I find that it’s better for me not to speculate because then I’m getting into a judgment that I may not know. 

    I can give you my best guess that there is not really the hierarchy as you’re defining it and seeing it that we’re all from Source Energy. And so we are the connection of the One. And so it’s just a matter that we’ve come into this body vessel, and we’ve experienced this life in the way that we needed the mind, we needed the ego. But to know that when we have properties such as the mind and ego, we don’t have the full awareness because the mind blocks what we might otherwise intrinsically know. 

    Consciousness Comes in Different Forms

    Johnny Burke: So the distinction that you made earlier between an entity that did incarnate and some of the light beings, some of the Elders, and other groups that have not incarnated, has more of a 360 view, whereas the entities that have been here don’t have that 360 view. 

    Robyn Locke: I believe that’s correct because what happens is when you pass from this life, you bring with you everything that you believe currently. And so, when you get to the other side, in the first chapter of the Original (Purpose) book, they call it transition, in-between (time), and behind the scenes. So three different, more or less, areas which I believe are much more in-depth, but I was given more of the overview of those areas.

    So what happens is when you pass (transition), you get reinforced with everything that you believed while physically placed. But what you believed may have been partially true. But Universe says, if you believe those things, then we want to make you comfortable and feel that you’re in a good space; WE want to reinforce what you believe. And Universe also says if you did not believe the full measure of what was really available (to you), you had the free-will choice while in the body to look for (or discover) more. In a way, it’s a diminishment where they to say that what you believed isn’t real and isn’t true. It’s a minimization of the belief that you held, and it’s a relinquishing of the free will that you had to choose what you chose to believe. So when you get insights, perhaps sometimes from a loved one, what you don’t know is whether or not that response is truly from the loved one or from one of your guides because they’ve also referred to the guides as the great mimickers.

    The Great Mimickers

    Johnny Burke: The great mimicker — I wanted to ask you about that because that’s one term I’ve never heard before. Where did the term come from?

    Robyn Locke: Well, it’s your guardian angels, your support group, and what they often refer to as your unseen entourage. (Each) could offer insights to you, guidance, and direction all day long. But if you’re trapped in the mind and in a mind game, you won’t see any of that. A miracle could fall before you, and would you see the miracle that was there if you’re thinking about something in your mind? 

    And so, when you’re receptive … when you’re at that place where you’re at the crossroads where adversity has perhaps occurred, and you’re looking for answers … now you’re receptive to receive. And maybe an aunt died, or maybe a father, or another close relative, or maybe someone that you grew up with and you feel like they’re around. Perhaps (instead), it’s your unseen entourage who mimics the vibrational energy that they held so that they can reach you at a very deep and intrinsic level to give you the answers that you seek. 

    Johnny Burke: It sounds like the great mimickers are almost like amplifiers. 

    Robyn Locke: It’s the guardian angels. It’s the unseen entourage or invisible entourage. It’s all synonymous, one with the other. They are just different ways to refer to those same beings that are there to support your life because that group is with you in the in-between time. So when you go into that in-between time, it’s critical, in my opinion, that you always ask for more because I get the distinct sense that when you’re in that space, you’re more or less guided into the next incarnation. And I was told that you always have a choice, that everything is a choice, but yet there’s almost the preponderance that you’re going (to go) into another life experience. And it’s almost as if you are directed beyond having that free will election to do so. In other words, you know that you have to return. 

    Discover Your Purpose – It’s Why You’re Here

    The reason I believe that many have taken a body is to experience their purpose. And so that’s the reason that the rounds (of incarnation) continue because we entered into what some know as a soul contract. I was told it’s an agreement (entered into so that you might know more fully) what you wanted to experience (understand). 

    So if you start as Spiritual Essence, and you take on a Soul in order to encapsulate that Spiritual Essence into the body form … so you have a Soul, and that Soul (formation) did not need to occur. You didn’t need to have a Soul when you were Spiritual Essence — you only needed the Soul when you wanted to come into the body to have the experience. So that’s why you hear people say that it’s so important to feel, or that’s why I hear from the Elders all the time that you should feel your way through this life. And so, it’s how you feel, and that’s what you wanted to experience. So if you wanted to experience, mine is service, and if you wanted to experience service, then to experience something that is less than being of service. So you’re deceitful, you lie, you cheat, steal, you do whatever you can do to, to …

    Johnny Burke: … to experience that …

    My First Embodiment

    Robyn Locke: … to accomplish what you want, but is that being of service to anyone? If you’re lying to someone, how are you serving them? My first and original incarnation was talked about in the, What If Book of What Is, and in that first chapter, it discusses how this young child was representing people who were Oracles and who were supposedly giving great insights to the people that they served. 

    When she discovered during an announcement of one that she was introducing that they were being less-than-truthful, it took her breath away. And she realized that she was complicit with the falsities that they were sharing because she’d been introducing them. She’d been supporting them. She had been totally unaware until, you know how sometimes you piece together something as you’re talking, and all of a sudden you start at one place and by the time you finished, you’re like, “Oh wait, that doesn’t make sense.” That’s what happened to her. And so, it actually took her out of embodiment because she asked to no longer live. When the Elders came to her, she said no, that she did not want to live. And so they knew …

    Johnny Burke: She wanted to transition … in other words.

    Robyn Locke: So she felt that there was no way that anyone would believe that she didn’t know that they (the Oracles) were not trustworthy and not of the caliber of who they said that they were. So when the Elders went to her in that very first life experience, she said no, that she did not want to live. And so they knew when they came and asked me in this lifetime that there was a great chance that I would not want to continue. And I’m so grateful that I had a different response. 

    The point of that story is it’s knowing the full depth of what it was that you wanted to experience. So if you want to experience service, you must also know what it means to not be of service.

    Johnny Burke: Right. I could not agree more. And this is why it gets really confusing. You’d mentioned the in-between space where we enter into the life contracts and pick our soul family, which makes reincarnation kind of a no-brainer because you talk about past lives and incarnations. What I think some people don’t get is that when someone chooses to be someone who is serving self instead of serving others, could it be that they need to understand both sides of it in order to grow spiritually and keep going up the rungs of the Ascension ladder?

    We Can Only Know and Control Ourselves

    Robyn Locke: What I’m understanding is that the only one that each (person) can make an assessment on is themselves. We don’t know if someone came in to be this negative polarizing person in an agreement that they made with someone so that they would have a certain type of experience because sometimes you need a partnership like that to get the full expanse of something that you did not understand. 

    What I’m understanding in a deep way is that sometimes we form these partnerships, we make them more troublesome, more complicated, more laborious, and more frequent than we need to. It’s almost as if you get into that space in-between lives, and you think you’ve found it. So the next time you come in, you want a really hard life so you can show that you can overcome it all. And what the Elders said in that space was that it is unnecessary.

    Johnny Burke: So it’s not necessary.

    Robyn Locke: (It is unnecessary.) If you had one experience, why do you need four experiences? 

    Johnny Burke: Now it gets even more confusing, but I guess this is all part of a never-ending quest of, why are we here? What is our purpose? And, speaking of which, your books talk about the life purpose and the original purpose. Why is the original purpose key to returning back to the reality that we knew before living here on Earth? What’s the difference?

    Robyn Locke: The life purpose is like a spoke on the wheel. We have an original purpose that is the wheel, and each life has a component of the original one, but it’s not the full or complete understanding that we sought to know. In this lifetime, my life purpose is truth. And so, in order to know truth, you must know deceit, intrigue, treachery. You must know some things that are not truth, but I’ve had four, at least, very significant occurrences of deceit, intrigue, and treachery — in big ways. What the Elders share is that wouldn’t one significant occurrence be enough? 

    Johnny Burke: Right. So you don’t have to keep doing it over and over again?

    Robyn Locke: Right, I think sometimes what happens is we think we’ve figured it out. So that’s why it’s really important to know that when you pass from this life, that you do not know all — that you know what you believe from this life and that truth and understanding is carried with you to that in-between time. 

    I believe that a lot of people think that when they get into that space, and because they’re reinforced with everything that they believed — that what they believed was just, right, and true. They (believe they) have the (correct and) full understanding of the belief. But what I’m suggesting is that perhaps they have part of the belief correct and part of it that’s not so correct. And there will not be a distinguishing factor (to discern or distinguish this further). 

    But the good news is, you don’t have your mind, and you don’t have an ego filtering all of this because what happens is people ask for confirmations to get that understanding. But they ask from the mental space as opposed to the heart space. And when you ask for a mental confirmation, you will get a mental confirmation. You won’t get a heart space confirmation, and they’re different because ego likes to be right. Ego likes to know that they’ve already got all the answers, and now they just need to ride out their time to see if they were right. And then, when they get to that space, they get affirmed that they were absolutely correct. 

    Universe gives that reinforcement because they want the lifestream to feel comfort in the peace of the transition. And it’s the way Universe works because Universe says if you really wanted to know the real truth, you would have asked, and you would have asked again. But it’s from this space, the heart and not the head, that you need to elicit those confirmations because the others will lead you to have partial truths. Then you have a partial deck to play with when you’re formulating your next life. 

    Johnny Burke: That would imply that when you do get to the in-between space, your beliefs that you carry with you from your past lifetime can actually get in the way or not?

    Beliefs Held are Key

    Robyn Locke: It’s your beliefs from this embodiment that carry forward with you (to the in-between time). Now what carries (forward), let’s just say, the personality that was a part of the Soul (then, and is currently) attached to this (body) vessel now? So during that first embodiment (you perhaps also) experienced something that caused you not to want to live. (In my example,) it was not discerning correctly (or the lack of discernment), who they (the personality) were representing. So in my first lifetime, from that choice to transition, an energy matrix was created.

    I went through a past life regression with a friend who led me through that. And when I connected to that time, I could see her (this earlier personality) huddled against a wall on the roadside. And tears just started, like waterworks, flowing down. I wasn’t crying, but it just was an unstoppable flow of tears. So (my girlfriend), said immediately, ”Okay, now let’s go to another lifetime where we have a happier occurrence.” because she didn’t really know what was happening to me. And I remembered saying at that point, ”No, I must connect to this one and give her comfort and love.” 

    And when I went and energetically embraced her (this former personality of my Soul), the energy that this personality held, that was within the (energy) matrix that had been created — it held the vibratory pattern of what had gone on (… what caused her to want to transition). And she had held, even though she was nineteen when she passed, she had held a lot of energy. And so when I made that connection (with her), and I chose to feel what she was feeling, in essence, it released this unbelievable amount of energy. I’ve never felt anything like it. It was incredible. 

    The energy was the property of my Soul Essence. Over time, that energy was allowed then to go back into the Soul. So the point of all of that is that we’re meant to regain the wholeness of all of that. The way to do it was (to discover) that discernment issue (had) followed me or followed the personalities that were a part of the Soul in every embodiment after that (first one). Because what happened was there was a fracturing of that Soul Essence. And the, what’s been explained to me, way to minimize that (soul fragmentation) was actually to allow the Soul to transition because maybe the fracturing would get bigger and bigger because there was such a despondency from this child as she did not want to live. And so discernment until this embodiment has always been an issue.

    I believe that a lot of Souls who came in for the very first embodiment didn’t realize what they were getting into here. You feel things much more significantly so when you come in almost in a naive sort of way, and all of a sudden feel some of these things, it has caused a lot of those who thought that they could come in and go out and do all of this understanding rather quickly — it trapped them. And they became immersed in the energy that was here. When you become more consciously aware, then you realize that you have things that need to become integrated back into your Soul. And you can do that by being a steward of what’s going on within your own life. 

    Johnny Burke: It seems that just being able to ask the questions, asking Universe, what do I need to work on so I don’t have to keep reincarnating and coming back here again and again? Am I going to live my life? Yeah. Do I really want to come back here if I can help it? Probably not. 

    I’ve been told several times by people that have been on the show that Earth is a pretty harsh world compared to some of the other worlds that are out there. And when many of these people talk about reincarnation and going into that in-between space that we were just talking about, they are often given the choice, instead of going here, you can go there because Earth is really harsh.

    If there’s one great takeaway from this discussion, can we agree that just simply knowing or acknowledging that there are some things I want to work on …. how do I get there? I don’t want to talk about the religion thing now, but whoever you go to for spiritual guidance, is that enough? Instead of reincarnating a thousand times, maybe the times we need to reincarnate are minimized, or is that neither here nor there?

    Robyn Locke: So I would say, the first thing would be, is to ask, do you feel that you have a purpose? If you ask through your heart space, does that resonate for you? Then I’m going to say that you have a purpose. And then, I would say that the purpose was formulated based on an agreement that is individual (unique) to each. It’s what was agreed upon before entering into the Earth platform. 

    So it is then whatever was agreed upon to be discovered while that Soul Essence was in the body form. And until that discovery (is made). That really, it’s a connection of the dots. So there are people that could be doing what gives them passion. I would say that this podcast gives you passion. I would say that it brings you joy because you want to feel your way through life, and you want to do those things that make you feel happy. 

    But if you continue to do that, if you didn’t know that you were enacting your purpose, then it’s like doing something that the Elders have said happened in a happenchance way. And so it is becoming conscious, which aligns with your ascension concept. It’s the conscious awareness that you are doing what you set out for you to do. As you do it with awareness, then your consciousness grows because I was asked, and I asked for years before I was given the answer to my purpose, but it was because I would ask and forget, and I would ask again. And it wasn’t my big priority.

    Your Purpose Needs to Become Your #1 Priority

    And what they’ve said is it must, at some point, become the thing that is most important to you. When it becomes the thing, then you think about it all the time. And it doesn’t seem like work because it’s something you could do all day and all night long without ceasing, except that you maybe need to sleep and eat. It’s fulfilling. That’s why you hear people who have all the money in the world, and they don’t feel fulfilled. It’s something that when you leave this life, (you) take this energy with you because the only thing you can take from this life is the energy that you create.

    I get my insights from the Elders, but the belief is that these things will all fall into place. Universe wants you to have everything that you ever wanted and more. The original purpose book talks a lot about if there’s nothing else, do these things:

    If Nothing Else, Remember This …

    • Ask for more; Ask for better players; Ask for more people; Ask for better experiences

    So that when you go into that next life, it’s more expansive and abundant than this one. I’m grateful that I have the information. My life would be so different if I didn’t have it. 

    My purpose is to allow each to have a choice of discovery. If it doesn’t resonate for them, or if it’s not the right time, then that’s their choice, but they need to be able to become aware that there is a choice and that there’s more. They make elections to go about doing those things that will minimize the chance of having to come back again. 

    Johnny Burke: To minimize the opportunities of having to reincarnate again, it probably has a lot to do with knowing to ask the questions. When we talk about the unseen entourage, the great mimickers, and the guardian angels, if we get into the habit of asking for help, please make sure this happens, or please protect my family and friends, and let us be prosperous. How do I get to spiritual ground? Is that the best way to connect to them and actually start to engage with them?

    Robyn Locke: Whenever you ask a question, always qualify because what we ask for is, oftentimes, through the mind and ego. So whenever one asks, you should also qualify for something better still, for what Universe might give because Universe has a 360 view. We’ve got a view that’s very minimal sometimes. And when we start to open that up, that’s a wonderful thing. So many times, people will ask and then go about their business because they don’t expect to receive an answer.

    One time I’d asked a question, and there was a little bitty sign right in front of the restaurant where I was going that said, Remember, Present Moment Awareness. And that’s why present-moment awareness is so critical because would you see a miracle if it appeared before you? So I was meeting a girlfriend for lunch, and she said, her first thing was, “Well, did you see that sign?” and I was like, “What sign?” And I had just asked the question and wasn’t even aware enough at that point to recognize that the answer had been given. It’s when we start working to minimize the engagement of the mind, and especially during those moments of contemplative wonder and meditation, where we allow the meek small voice to come in. So you can set up all sorts of parameters in which to hear the answer. You have to stay alert because as soon as you ask the question, and you’re receptive to receive, the answer has come to you. 

    Johnny Burke: Excellent. Robyn, thanks so much for joining us today. How can our listeners find you online?

    Robyn Locke: I think the best way would be to go to

    Enjoy the initial SpiritWoke – Closer to Venus Podcast from their January 21, 2022 interview.

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