Connect with Your Mission, Passion, Purpose, Your Reason for Being

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    Recognize how to connect with your mission within this life. Some also call this their passion or reason for being. This was the mission or objective you put into motion before entering this life. Align within this time and space continuum to allow for your mission, that purposeful thing, to be known by you as you seek it out now. It is a most joyous feeling when its vibration does reconnect with you in this physical plane.

    Individuals have the opportunity to be in the space to recognize and align with their purpose today. Such an alignment is a most specific occurrence as each component falls into place for this realization. This is a most significant thing. Your purpose can be more quickly drawn into your awareness simply by the thoughts you keep. Seek vibrational alignment through positive thinking so you might resonate with what you desire to locate sooner than later. Let’s provide a greater understanding here.

    As each moves toward an inner knowing, as they seek to align with their purpose, there is a stepping up of vibration that flows within that one. Do you see when you move more in sequence with what you sought to align to bring into this world, your inner being will recognize this desire.

    The Thoughts You Keep are Important

    Your thoughts activate this connection like a vibrational key. As you continue to focus on this objective, more will align as it moves closer to your immediate awareness. In other words, it is aligning with you upon your focused attention. As you move more in sequence with it, you begin to mirror or out-picture a vibrational sequence that is in keeping with it. When you begin to feel it, know you are moving into alignment with it. Continue in the process of slowing the mind to offer a respite and connection from within.

    As you align more closely with it, you resonate with it. This is unlike other times where there was not the symmetry or alignment to it. In the unity of this, you can see how Universe does propel and move you to be in a closer sequence with it. Is it because of this alignment or because you have set the intention to do so? Now it has moved in closer proximity (to you) through the clear path of intention you have established. All that remains now is for you to bring it physically into this world. Complete its manifestation into the now-ness of this time as you enact what you wanted to understand more fully.

    What Awaits You

    Such significant momentum can never be taken for granted. So many aspects and their associated details must fall into place for this to occur. It is the vibrational match you seek. As it and you will align in this way. Seek to feel more fully in the anticipation of this discovery. Can you feel its anticipatory bubbles over its arrival? Or even to feel the joy of its creation. Feel first and then you will see what you have (in many ways) already manifested.

    When a person aligns to experience and feels what they sought to experience without blocking or limiting it, this can be compared to the lighting up of heaven. It is an incredible thing and one that is marveled at, even on heavenly terms. It is like no other, especially as this alignment occurs here. Make no mistake, it is here where the densities allow you to fully feel the joy that this moment inspires as it is like no other. It is quite a wondrous thing as your creation is felt and is made real.

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