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Creation - You are a Co-Creator in Form

creationWe seek to share insights given within two books now nearing completion. Today we provide some details shown within their pages regarding aspects of creation. These foundational and fundamental understandings are recounted for your consideration as you contemplate your next steps.

When the world was initially established, the intent was very simple. Universal Source allowed components of Itself to fragment and form. In this initial creation, Aspects of the Whole were multiplied in numbers. As They divided, they became even Smaller Components of the Main Essence or Source. So Each, although separate, still maintained the quality of the larger Whole. So in going out into manifestation, Each held the Matrix of Itself. Each was just a Portion of the Whole as an awareness of Its original Source was maintained. As time progressed, Essence wanted to experience more. In this state of Wholeness, as there was no diversity, there was only Oneness.

So Creator becomes the Creation and does that which It does best, It Creates. As such, the Creation is also Creator as each did become a Co-Creator in form.

So as planets and systems of worlds were created, each experienced Creative Forces in a manner that was different in vibrational frequency from the Other. Thus, Some were created in more of a frequency-based modality while Others appeared to be a denser-frequency-in-form. Earth is a three-dimensional field and as such is denser than many other modalities. Not to say it is the most or least dense. It is what it is.

So operating in this field of conflict-free, limitless potential, interest spawned and was intensified to discover diversity and differences where so little conflict existed. Push/pull was a concept, but, not unlike many premises, existed in theory rather than in practice. And so, there was interest in these things that did not presently exist where nothing but beauty and light existed. In this realm, to think of It, was as It was to be, and so It was. So to say that there was interest in drama of sorts, really, there was curiosity of how it was and how it felt to be. Such details did play into the dynamics here. So emotions and feelings were also a curiosity. What was this and how would it feel to have thus and such happen?

To be continued...
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