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Deep Breathing Benefits

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    Deep Breathing

    Have you heard about the various techniques used to become centered? What about deep breathing? Do you understand why this is so key to employ at the start your day? Use this practice to set you on the right course to align you as you begin anew. You see, deep breathing not only allows for a physical reset to occur, but it also allows you to engage with life from a different vantage. What do we mean by this?

    Employ this practice to clear your mind. Open up to more readily recognize some new concepts that might otherwise be missed. Might we share more?

    The Benefits of Deep Breathing

    Deep breathing is a technique that has been used for centuries. Look upon this means of alignment with refreshed eyes. Engage this practice to allow a deeply held internalization of those things which might otherwise feel foreign or difficult to process. When you engage or enact certain steps, you can discern insights more easily. Embrace new teachings in this way. Without enlisting a method such as this to become centered, new understandings and their practices might seem abstract or foreign.

    And so, utilize deep breathing when you want to take in and absorb a new insight or something that might require a leap of faith to consider. It is when you seek to internalize something that is not known or when you seek to incorporate new understandings. That is another reason to engage with this practice. How about putting this premise to the test? Consider its use when you desire to engage an enlightened understanding or perhaps to employ a methodology to recognize another vantage or perspective.

    Visualize and Send Universal Love

    And too, might you seek to draw tangible benefits into your physical form in the process? Envision as you create a special oxygenated elixir in this practice. Do so energetically. Make its healing properties uniquely accessible to you. Engage it to rejuvenate your being. Direct its energetic flow (through your focused attention) to recharge your system. See this elixir travel inwardly throughout your form as it invigorates and revitalizes. Imagine the oxygen you breathe in now to become infused with this specially calibrated elixir made accessible when you engage in this deep breathing practice.

    Seek to feel an immediate renewal during the inward flow established now. Recognize as you feel this unique oxygen touch each and every microorganism and all that exists within your body during this process. Now, when you take a deep breath, do so with the intention of sending this healing energy throughout your body form. Do so as you also incorporate Love. Send Universal Love to all vital organs, and each thing in need of an energetic boost. Energize and revitalize everything in its path during this inward journey.

    Allow wholeness and Love to be the mantra you engage this day.

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