Does Your Mind Block Your Advancement (#6)

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    Do you wonder about those things you long to create and why it seems that the mind doesn’t like what you introduce? Does it seem to block your spiritual objectives? Do you think these things too difficult or that you simply can’t discover more? How this seems so as each time you’ve tried you’ve seemingly found yourself redirected and looking to accomplish something else. Stop and recognize you are in a mind game.

    Mind Game

    Are you in a mind game? And do you find you are engaged mentally most of the time? Seek to still the mind.

    Still, slow and stop the mind from its endless quests, checklists, and to-do lists. They are of no measure to what you are to become and who you are to be. Recognize them to be distractions and nothing more. Distance them when you first are aware of what is in play. Do so as you engage all that you seek in a relevant way.

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