Ego & Its Purpose – Then & Now

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    Ego - how does it guide you

    We move to discuss ego, and its continuing role and purpose in this time. What does ego do and how does it serve you as its host? Does it protect and provide a degree of certainty in this uncertain world or does its scope affect you differently today? You see, ego was devised so there might be a protector in one’s midst when the saber-toothed cat traveled about to pounce upon those whose path it has crossed …

    A quick-thinking wit with precision was necessary. Yes, a reactionary response was a keen survival tool in its day.

    Originally Devised

    A protector was needed which might anticipate and rapidly assist with life-threatening occurrences. Thus ego served to provide a means to offer intrinsic, rapid-response remedies within the mind. In that vein of understanding, ego served as an advance warning system and alerted its host with varied and diverse reasoning solutions. When there was a need, ego was already engaged and in play. It readily responded in a reactionary way. It quickly provided new and varied ideas to what popped into play. It worked to resolve and remedy life-or-death situations.

    Many of the resources or needs necessary to survive in past times are no longer utilized or as vitally important today. Ego of old was cunning and shrewd for there were many unanticipated and undesired things that might have existed for those who lived in such times. Dealing with the unexpected in a reactionary way was quite necessary then.

    Today’s Ego

    Most of the things that develop today and present themselves are not of the same (life-threatening) magnitude. Extreme danger, although possible, does not routinely appear daily for most. Many live their lives from the vantage of security and peace. And so, with a more stable existence, this level of critical, rapid-response internal dialog is utilized differently. Thus its scope and purpose have changed and shifted.

    You must consider the mental dialog which ego employs as it seeks to maintain its relevance in your daily dealings. Do you realize that oftentimes, controversy develops because of a need (for it) to remain relevant or necessary? In other words, ego elicits a keen interest in this or that undertaking to elicit value and maintain its worth. In the controversy it creates, a new reality emerges. It seeks to engage and employ interest and intrigue to secure a foothold within your everyday life. Can you see this?

    Ego creates more drama and elicits a heightened engagement in response to casual exchanges. How often do you suppose that someone is truly moving against you rather than acknowledging a self-imposed concern? Perhaps this person does not handle a situation in a preferred manner. Yet do you recognize that many things you perceive to be directed harshly at you, might only be your unique and quick interpretation? The actual deed may have little to do with you. 

    Unnecessary, reactionary responses routinely occur. This is the impact of ego today. Seek to allow such emotions directed your way to pass over and through you. Wouldn’t this be a better way to move through adversity? Adopt a method that does not affect your actions and cause unnecessary reactions. Might you move now to reflect on those situations you recognize? Take steps to acknowledge and release any angst that was felt before.

    Move in a manner that is in sequence and flow by taking a more preferred next step. Pause to enlist all steps to not restrict or limit your personal path. 

    Enlist Measured Direction

    We seek for you to recognize the ego of today is not engaged as you may believe. Know, too, that it does not move to take you where you might prefer. Recognize what moves your progression and seek measured direction to choices which present themselves throughout your day. Choose what will move you to a more preferred outcome. Will you do that? Might you begin today to recognize the difference? 

    Grow your centeredness and ability to move within for direction. Stop, pause, and reflect. In doing so, you will minimize quick responses done in a more reactionary manner. Seek stillness and purposeful direction moving forward. How do you define ego?

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