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Ego's Value - Get About Your Purpose

easy.hardDo you see that ego often seeks your distraction? Do you understand what is underfoot with this ego who shares your objectives this day? Do you wonder why you are doing and redoing things that keep you endlessly engaged?

Perhaps, do you wonder why you continue to hire the wrong person? Or perhaps you take an absurd job that doesn't add up or even pay well. You don't mind engaging in a lesser way because you know there is a long-term objective that can be had if you can just tighten your belt and get to the other side of this undesired and unwanted activity. Once you get through this time dreaded time period, you can enjoy the spoils of your hard labor. Really?

How has ego convinced you to suffer today? Can you see these things are all unnecessary? Can you see that ego has gotten you to agree with its premise? And its premise many times is to distract, diminish, disengage. 


Do you understand that ego’s objective is to keep you distracted? In this understanding, ego is simply getting you to go through the motion of doing this or that enterprise. Get you to go through multiple steps that take time away from a more valid enterprise to engage you conversely. Do you see if you have to do things over and over again how this is eating up your time? Unnecessary steps take you away from more worthy objectives. Take you on a journey that will bring you full circle. In other words, they take you nowhere fast. And then you must simply have to begin again. 


Do you see these steps are, to a degree, a diminishment of what you seek to accomplish? Seek to do or enact by taking up your time and diminishing what you might otherwise achieve.


Do you also see that you are disengaging from your true objective? This is in many ways, employing a “knee jerk” reaction to these reactionary things. When you operate in a way that is reactionary, then you are not moving in the ebb and flow of life. What we term Universal consciousness and its flow. And so you are merely reacting to the most current crisis. How to resolve it quickly rather than to engage a more steadfast resolve to enlist a long-term, more measured resolution.

What is the Purpose

And so we will say that each thing is for a purpose. Will you look upon such occurrences now to recognize what is underfoot? Will you acknowledge that it is time to be about your business? And by this we mean, isn’t it time to recognize how these things are merely distractions. They are distractions that take you away from what you might otherwise do or be. They take you off-course and minimize what you might begin doing in a more substantial way. More substantial as these things delay your engagement with why you are here in the first place. 

We suggest that it’s time to get about your business. Time to get about why you incarnated here initially. And until you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get about your true objective, then these other things will continue to be prevalent in your life. Recognize what is occurring and take back the reins of control. Recognize what is at play and become (once again) a conscious co-creator of all you seek to enact. Enact a more purposeful day when you engage in this way. Seek all you desire when you engage from a place of centeredness, or aligned awareness. Take the lead to direct your activities accordingly. 


Relegate ego to assist in your activities when you need a quick answer to get you out of an immediate crisis. Otherwise, allow ego’s knee jerk suggestions to become less than they are seen and valued yesterday. See each unworthy consideration as it truly is. Ideas evoked from this level of existence are not of the value or merit they portend. Remove them from your focused attention.

Reclaim control of the vessel you embody as you move about this earth. Take control in a more unfettered way. Do this and your days will be different from those which have come before. Move today in a more enlightened way so that more inspirational occurrences may come to you in the days that follow this one.

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