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Emotions Are Energy in Motion

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    find your purpose - emotions are energy in motion

    Do you see how all of your emotions play into every aspect within your life? Beginning from one’s formation in conception, then as carried in the womb, to casual contemplations and all resulting decisions. Be aware that each do impact the other.

    All Is Energy

    There is nothing wrong with being in one sort of energy vs. another, but know this energy does impact what occurs in your next steps. When you hold one sort of energy, you attract those same things into your life. Perhaps you attract what would not otherwise be there. As such, when you hold thoughts that buoy you toward an outcome you prefer, you generate even more things to enter into the mix of whatever is wanted by the like-kind energy that does now return back to you.

    Positive Thinking

    And so, we would say when you recognize this and focus upon preferred thoughts, then you can move forward in a most spectacular way in that you can create the life you desire or prefer.

    A life free of illness and disease can be yours when you choose not to engage with those things that propel and promote them. And so, do consider this as you move about as a co-creator in form.

    Free Will Choices

    All things stored in your home’s refrigerator are there because of choices made by you or another within your household. They are there from choices made when they were acquired. For all things that surround you are there due to a past selection and election to bring them into your immediate proximity. They are there because of free will choices that were previously made.

    Be Present

    Choose this day to live in your purpose with conviction. Make choices that are impactful as you make selections that result in your best tomorrows. Do each thing consciously as you remain present in your thoughts and actions.

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    All is energy, vibration, frequency

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