Energetic Disturbances

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    What is an energetic disturbance and how does such a disturbance residing within, affect you? What is the importance of such a thing and is there value in determining and weeding out some of these things from your being and world?

    Do you sometimes feel an unsettled feeling which isn’t easily eliminated? Do you seek to become more balanced and know when this feeling must be addressed or when it is inconsequential?

    From time to time, life throws hard balls your way and in the midst of it all, there are decisions that must be made. Yet during this time life may seem uncertain. Why is this so and what is it we seek to impart here?

    Welcome the Unpredictable

    We tell you that the uncertainties found within life are there for a purpose as without these things entering into the dynamics of the day, there would be a certain predictability in the life you lead. In this setting, there would not be the spontaneous opportunities that evolve from a new mix of things that are otherwise produced. Become aware of the bountifulness of all that is around and does surround you even during uncertain times.

    Do you see that by not shifting your perspective to recognize the newness offered here, you are clinging to things that are no more? Think of them as sand under your feet. Might you equate this to the feeling experienced when having stood on a sandy beach? Have you ever dug your toes into the ground there, only to find it to be more difficult to stay firmly placed? Did this cause you to move and shift the stance taken? When you tried to remain anchored there, did you find no firm stability truly existed? This is what we reference.

    Refocus Your Attention

    Know that change can allow you to refocus your attention. See other options and their opportunities as you consider different vistas in the process. You see, sometimes those things (previously thought to be the next best steps) were only deemed as preferred given the perspective held at that time. Might you shift from this or that mental place, and seek yet another series of choices … those that are before you now?

    And with this newly-held view, can you move to embrace those things that may be only recently preferred? In other words, can you release the limited constructs that existed earlier? Now as you refocus and consider anew, can you see a different future? Allow this potential reality to unfold as you put newly acquired concepts into play.

    And so, who is to say that this or that reality is better? Let us rather say, that one experience has been known and realized, as you now move to choose yet another. Might you see how all shifts to move and align you with other options and their opportunities. Seek for your next best step to become known to you.

    Sit in Contemplation

    And so move to align with new potentialities. Sit in meditation or reflection. Release the push/pull energy that resided within as you move more in step with all you seek to enlist this day. Anchor now on a foundation that provides firmer footing as you strive to do and be as never before.

    Might we recommend a meditation that will help you shift change what has come before? In order to manifest a different reality, engage this meditation to shelf your mind and its engagement within your life. Try this before you begin your next meditation where you seek to know more. Shelf mental engagement in this way… Then might we suggest for you to look again.

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