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Light Energy Meditation – Revitalize

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    Light Energy Meditation - Revitalize

    The Elders share a meditation to revitalize, restore, and reinvigorate the body. Here, Light energy is showered upon you in a visual way. Its healing components are given in this lovingly shared meditation. 

    Did you know the Elders come from the Energy of Light and Love? Although their numbers fluctuate in size, currently they number in the hundreds. They have come here and remain at this time to assist humanity — to remember. They enlist a means for a bubbling up to occur so that we can get about why we embodied here in the first place. And ultimately to return to that heavenly sort of way.

    Are you an Old Soul

    Do you feel that you are an old Soul? Do you feel like you’ve been doing many of these things for a while? Do you feel burdened by things that just feel off? It’s almost a sense of difficulty and for me a feeling like a mental fog. I call it that because I’m not quite sure what to call it. I know within my own life there are things that I’m just not good at. They are things that I’ve been burdened with my whole life. 

    Now I find that there is a means to release this lesser energy in the recognition of it. In its surrender. So I’m in the process of surrendering things like being in a sort of mental fog when I work with technology. It’s funny how it goes but when I work on certain things I seem to be in a mental quagmire. Not sure how else to describe it. So we’ll see where this leads but I suggest you try some of this out too.

    Do this, especially if you’re an old Soul as you may have accumulated more than others around you. If you’ve been around this physical platform for a while, you may have some additional things to clear out and clean up.

    Do you find there are issues where you could do better but you seem to stumble through the steps to get them done? Do you feel a certain lack of accomplishment and comprehension, or do you find things don’t occur as they do for others? Take whatever you recognize, sit with it, and ask for its deeper meaning. What are you here to learn from this experience? What are you to make whole? If nothing surfaces, then simply surrender what you do not see. Surrender intending to make whole. Make whole whatever seems to be less than it might otherwise be.

    Release Newly Stored Energy

    Within this meditation, they also offer the means to release newly stored energy before it becomes anchored into the body form. This is emotional energy. Energy that isn’t always felt but pushed through. This energy is the beginnings of disease and illness. 

    Discover more today. Surrender what you do not know. This Energy of Love seeks to bestow and gift us with a better life by bringing resolve, revitalization, and restoration. Take certain steps today to make your tomorrows more carefree as you see life a bit differently in the process. Move in Love as you grow Love within your day to see life in a magical way. 

    Now let’s enjoy this restorative energy meditation.

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