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Express Gratitude and Attract More of That To You When Enacting These Steps

labDo you see within the mix of this life and especially today that you must find a degree of gratitude so you will have more preferred things appear?  Do you recognize there is so much to still be grateful for in this day?

Might you reflect upon the points which allow you to continue to seek purpose in your life? Those things which inspire you to go, do, and be without limitation? Even though at this moment you may say you are limited by impositions of things you cannot control. Is this true? Can you?

Can you set a trajectory of all that you wish to encircle your day and consider each from a space of loving nurturance? Can you do so from the space you have established in your home? Can you see the beauty of the things you have configured in it to give you comfort? And if you do not like the space and need to change this or that to align in a better way, might you go to the store to spruce it up to improve how you see things? You didn’t have the time before, but now might you more easily carve out time as you contemplate what this day will bring?

Be Grateful

Can you find gratitude for the doctors, pharmacies, lab technicians, grocery store workers who remain fixed on serving you during a time where they too might be in their homes? Rather, they have enlisted a posture of service to others. Have you stopped to thank them? What about the sanitation worker who clears away debris no longer wanted. Have you stepped outside your door to consider their job? Might you bless them for their steps on your behalf? Have you considered the postal worker, the delivery drivers, and those who continue with their work duties so you can get the items that will make this time easier? Each does enlist a degree of benefit to you. Do you recognize this?

And so, rather than focusing on fearful contemplations or how you have been inconvenienced, might you enlist instead the premise that you live in a country of freedom. Where you are free to listen or not to what you might do to protect yourselves and others? That if you step outside your door, you will not be met by police or militia? Where you can embolden your steps by making merry and enlist a spring in your walk for all the promises this day has yet to offer. For it is all a perspective. It is all how you see things; how you internalize them. 

Where Would You Be

Recognize how each thing that crosses your path is a gift. You see this is the methodology in place. For without this measure you would not be on this earth as this is what is in play today.

You would be somewhere else. And the life you are leading wouldn't exist as it does. In this way, might you be grateful for all that is?

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