Frame Your Day, But Do Qualify All

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frame your day

When you wake up in the morning, sit with thoughts of wonderment and awe. Give points of gratitude and cite the outcomes you seek to occur in your upcoming day and then move from that point into your actual day. By beginning from a state of awe and gratitude you do move into a better potential space when you define further to Universe what you seek to accomplish. This is how you might have a better day…

In this space, so much more is to be garnered and gleaned when wonderment and awe are held in your thoughts. Add anticipation and excitement within the energy component you then attach to them. Surely with this mix, all can progress in the best manner to out-picture what you seek.

Add to your mix the preferred outcome and how you desire it to occur. Let Universe know your preference. Do set your intentions so they are framed by you as the co-creator of this day. You then determine what you want the day to produce for you. By this one action, you determine so much of the day and then Universe knows what you want from it.

Frame the Day

See all occurring in the manner you desire with the best, most productive outcome. Attach feeling and unbounded energy to your thoughts. Feel them. Then surrender all to Universal knowing. Qualify all by adding, and something better still to whatever you have asked. As surely Universe does have Universal knowingness and greater insights than you now hold. So framing the outline of the day is most important so this day unfolds as you desire it to be.

Awaken to the endless and continual possibilities that are there for you, and each one, as you move in light and love. Always seek to surrender and then to allow what will unfold from that state of not knowing and surrender. It is truly the way to move more rapidly into that which will allow you to leapfrog over status quo scenarios.

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