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Why Give Gratitude Throughout Life as You Make Good Choices

What Is the Big PictureAs you look around today, do you give gratitude for all that is; all that is in existence as you navigate this time? Do you recognize that even now you are able to generally do as you please? Even today, all is possible.

Do you reflect upon all the opportunities this time does afford? Amidst the pandemic that is still present, do you see the benefits of all that exists in tandem with it? Do you recognize and give a degree of thanks for each thing that is in existence that makes today easier? Do you thank those who enable this such as the farmer, the sanitation worker, the mail carrier, the doctor, the nurse, their support staff, and all who progress from there?

America Is Unique

It is not that way everywhere on this earth. This is why so many seek to live in this country. Yet there are many that have routinely lived here who feel disenfranchised: they feel less-than. Do you ask yourself why? And do you wonder why there are those others who hold such a degree of angst within their energy? If you have not pondered this, might you do so today?

For we say that until there is a greater understanding of how things might progress from this to that, there yet remains not a full understanding of what is underfoot. This is the time for you to be inwardly reflective. To inwardly seek that which you sought to understand. Yet how can you do that if life becomes more restrictive moving forward from today? 

What Are You Looking to Find

Well, certainly you will be able to carve out this or that enterprise. This might still align you to what you seek to know, yet, perhaps, not as before. Were the dynamics of today to change by imposing limitations and their restrictions, how would this change all that is to be, might be, could be? Do you see the domino effect in play?

What's the Big Picture

Move now with the certainty that choices matter. To move toward one objective rather than another and the consequences each thing does impose. Each thing that does then grow from the seeds planted and cultivated in a way unlike any other. Move with this certainty and know that your thoughts, actions, and choices do make a difference. And today, that difference can be more readily seen than ever before. Look now without a filtered lens that sometimes eclipses a fuller, more expansive view. Look in this way to engage what is before you and in play.

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