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Believe in the Value of Gratitude

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    Find its bountiful benefits

    Here the Elders talk about uncertainties that exist in life. And how you might incorporate gratitude into your daily activities to bring in more of what is wanted. If you currently employ gratitude, you could focus more keenly on bringing its energy full circle as you release it into your day. Why focus time on what is fearful or unwanted? Especially since Universe will return to you what you think about and focus upon. But there’s even more to it than that. 

    It’s more specifically because of how the mind is wired that it continually poses more rudimentary things for you to consider. The mind presents back worrisome and problematic scenarios. It creates most of the fears and limitations found within the day and within your life. Gratitude is good at offsetting what the mind seeks to interject with its negativisms. The mind is good about that. Good about coaxing you to do this or that, or how life would be better if you had this or that, or generally how what you have isn’t quite enough. Do you see that the mind presents many of the dilemmas that didn’t necessarily exist before it introduced them?

    Grow Gratitude

    Gratitude is something that you can grow and multiply. It is when you express it, that more of those sorts of things will appear in your life. They are drawn to you by the energy you’ve put into play. Here is where you can put the law of attraction into play. Consider giving more gratitude, especially at both the end and the start of your day. In this way, you draw more complementary things into your world. Soon you will find many more things to be grateful for as you expand what is given.  It is something to be recognized and grown. 

    The Elders talk about the weightiness of gratitude and how you might anchor it into your life. It will allow you to bring more of its kind into your day-to-day dealings and to your life in general. Then you will be existing in its energy for a longer period of time. Isn’t that an awesome thing to know and employ?


    They address how those not preferred traits or negativisms perceived in another person are often an assessment of self. It is self-recognition. Ask while in meditation or contemplation about this perceived nuance. Ask inwardly if it might be your own trait. And if you cannot confirm this, should nothing surface, they suggest you simply surrender what you do not now know. Could you surrender and be grateful for this mysterious, unknown gift?

    Can you see when you criticize another in a suppositional way, this is actually self-criticism? Always stop to do an immediate self-check when you spot these negativisms. Know that something might be amiss in you and this may be why you recognize it so easily in this other person. Make it a point to surrender and release what you’ve identified.

    Mind Game

    The Elders have talked about this before but do you also realize we are in a mind game most of the time? The mind will continue to suggest things that are more rudimentary. These suggestions might even be concerning or alarming. Your choice is to agree or not with what has been posed mentally. Either remain in this thought process or move to something that feels a bit better. Consider ignoring what the mind suggests when what it offers doesn’t feel good … simply choose another thought.

    Do you see all are choices? Mental suggestions can be grown or rerouted. It’s your free will choice to engage one thought, the other or yet another. Know that when you reroute the thoughts posed, you choose an alternate progression to how your day will unfold.

    Chuckle at the mind … that’s what I do. This disarms it. Such a simple act but it causes the banter to stop — if only for a time. By making light of its serious tone and tenor, the mind is confounded because it doesn’t understand why it’s not being taken seriously. Try this strategy out when you get a weird suggestion or something simply doesn’t feel right.

    Be grateful in all regards. Now might you hear what the Elders share on gratitude?

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