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Grounding – What & Why

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    Grounding is such a simple premise. Do you realize that sometimes you are not as anchored as gravity (that binds you earthward) might suggest? Seek to become and stay grounded to this Earth plane and in all of your daily dealings. And so, what does being grounded mean? Is it something of value that you might implement today?

    Your footing can remain firm when (you are) grounded. You more clearly, readily, and more evidently move through this time and space continuum with greater clarity, ease, and focus. Again, what is meant by this? What are the benefits you might enjoy when you have anchored yourself accordingly?

    Begin Your Day by Becoming Grounded

    You see, when you take time as you begin your day to become grounded, you then move throughout the day in a more balanced way. Little things, that might otherwise distract or aggravate, will not become emotion-laden. A more fiery response will lessen as you look upon the occurrence with a renewed focus. Thus, you will move in a more measured manner.

    There are also inner components that will strengthen your ability to move more readily into a more balanced state. By anchoring and seeking to enter into a grounded state, you will (over time) move more quickly to become that which you desire to be. And in that balanced way, you will not be incited to enlist reactionary responses. You see, all moves more fluidly (from this state of awareness) and you can more readily remain in Universal flow from such a posture.

    How to Become Grounded

    Grounding is a simple process which we now describe. Imagine light streaming down from above to anchor you into the space in which you now reside. See this light stream down to enter and flow through your form. See it continue to move down into the center of the earth as it melds with you. Envision roots that extend out from your center point. These roots act as stabilizers to secure, anchor, and tether you. 

    Gain Firmer Footing – Anchor Through Grounding

    Have you ever felt flighty or as if you flitted about throughout the day? When you anchor through grounding, you stabilize yourself. Become supported and move in confluence. In this way, you reinforce and are tethered to this Earth. Thus, you are not floating about here and there, having gained firmer footing. Should you feel out of alignment, reflect upon whether or not you have grounded yourself. If you forgot or didn’t make the time, ground yourself when a lapse is realized.

    Now, take a few moments of quiet time to run through the steps we have described to solidify your next steps by becoming anchored this day. As you move in this life, know all things that are before you await engagement. You are here to experience life and its bountifulness. Yet, if you flit and float about never fully anchored, you will not move in the manner to maximize your manifestations. 

    Expand and Grow Your Daily Accomplishments

    Be anchored as you become grounded by this process. Feel the benefits as you begin each morning with some simple steps to align you with the coming day. In so doing, you will experience the day as you awaken to its more evident rhythm and flow. Move with its fluidly and purpose. Take these steps to become increasingly attuned. Then, engage with a purpose-driven life, anchored in Love. In this way, you will more readily know those things which will best impact and grow your day. Move to Frame the Day to achieve all that you desire. Move in love, be Love, grow in Love.

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