Heal from Within when you Change an Atom’s Spin

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    So the atom has a nucleus and it spins. It spins to such a degree that it can change the very components that comprise it. The atom is a key element of everything on Earth from the way it moves, to its total physicality. As such it is a building block for all that exists in this earth realm. Its significance here is most evident. But how can its spin change and what healing will that offer?

    The atom is a microscopic thing, being so very small and yet playing such a big role in this world. It is the key (in many ways) to shape your reality and your ability to heal. As we have said, the mind has the power to reshape an atom and can eliminate illnesses within the body as you may already know.

    So why hasn’t more been done to promote this line of thinking? If it is the key component to so many things, why not explore this modality more fully?

    More will be given in time, but it is through your focused attention that a more balanced spin can be created. There are other methods that might be employed too, but the ultimate aim is to shift your overall energy so that you might engage with life differently. See things and focus upon those things you like rather than dwelling on what does not bring you happiness. Healing is a part of the mix of what might be accomplished when you want to heal some issues within your mind or body. All is possible and so do allow this to be absorbed, understood, and believed.

    Healing Energy

    Yes, when you focus the mind by sending healing energy to areas that are less than they should be, healing can take place and rapid changes can result. It is true, that each one has all the tools they need to heal so many things within their world. Yet it seems a distant enterprise to consider this premise, much less to consistently do those things which will move all restorative aspects into being.

    So here we are. Each has the tools needed, and the very tools sought are within reach. They are stored safely within. Ready and accessible when you are ready and willing to engage them.

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