Do you have Hidden Addictions?

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    Last year, I received an update that until now I wasn’t up to sharing. It’s the video you’re about to see. It’s about addiction and how many addictive cravings occur. What I know is that many times, addictions result from an outside source. This source wants to feel an energy they cannot create alone. This was the first time the Elders moved beyond self-healing and purpose to embrace a teaching I wasn’t sure would fit into my presupposed theme or comfort zone. Well, this teaching is complicated, or maybe not, but I do know it wasn’t what I wanted to explain. 


    Bringing addictions into what we discuss seems big to me. Big because many of the things that are addictive are not recognized as such by the one who’s engaging in the process.

    You see, it’s the energy itself that is craved by beings who are not physical. And much of this is beyond our mental scope of awareness. How do you protect yourself from something you may not even know existed before this moment? Moreover, how do you confirm the words shared here? How do you validate the existence of something you cannot see? I’d suggest that you sit with this premise and muse upon it. Engage from your heart space to determine what feels right to you. If this doesn’t resonate, ask inwardly to be given confirmation as you contemplate what is suggested. 

    Energy Leeches

    The Elders share about what they term energy leeches and what these energy leeches want to take from you. And it is simply this: they cannot create what they crave. They cannot create what they want to feel, and so they impose their desires upon another who doesn’t know they exist. Their craving is imposed on another less suspecting target who resides here on this physical plane. 

    So if you have an addiction, a craving that seems impossible to overcome, now you may recognize more directly what is actually occurring. Yes, we suggest an insidious culprit has managed to motivate your actions in such a way that their desires appear as if they are your own.

    I finally got my arms around recognizing the value of others understanding what is underfoot here. You have to know what you are up against and become consciously aware of what is in play. In this way, you can take the appropriate action or inaction to safeguard your energy.

    I’ll also say that this has everything to do with being able to enact your purpose. You see, I finally understood that in order to truly self-heal, you must be aware of hidden addictions. Those addictions are done privately. They remain cloaked and not discussed or openly shared. They are sometimes not even fully recognized by the individual who engages in the practice. 

    But in time, you will want to see and acknowledge this habit for what it is and be able to change what had come before. Recognition will allow you to stop fueling that which isn’t yours to fuel. You may find your desires change when a new awareness enters in.

    In January 2023, we held our first live in-person event since January 2020. The Elders shared many insights about addictions and answered questions posed. If you’d like to listen to what was shared, you’ll soon be able to view the 3-part video so stay tuned.

    Meet us in person in Sedona April 6-8. Then we’re onto Reno for another in-person event on April 15. We look forward to sharing more about addiction, self-healing, and why it’s important to enact your purpose. Join us in April as the Elders look to share more so that your life might be all you intend it to be and more.

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