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Help Another with Universal Love
Help Another with Universal Love

Are you ready to consider more? There is a greater insight shared as the Elders relate a bit more today. Partially to remind us that we are not living in the highest or most evolved time in Earth’s evolution. Yet we exist in a state of readiness as a bit more is given. They invite you and all who hear their update today to reach out and ask questions. You can do that so easily today. Earlier this month, multi-streamed live videos are broadcast to Facebook and YouTube. Look for us each Wednesday night at 8 PM EST. This Livestream may not last a full hour, but we’ll be sure to continue until each question is answered.

Their Update

The Elders ask for you to still your mind in advance of receiving the update they provide here so that you are receptive to receiving it. What they suggest is an easy process to conceptualize. Yet I’m not sure it’s something that we would routinely come up with on our own. 

I’m so grateful for what they share. You see, they suggest creating an energy elixir of sorts. This was intriguing to me when I heard it. And I look forward to individually and collectively testing it out. 

I digress now to mention their mention of an earlier evolution. This evolution held a higher consciousness than ours. In it, there were many individuals living then who held a higher, more aligned energy. And they were able to routinely create energy they gifted to others. The Elders also suggest that a devolving occurred during our evolution. Now we are moving back toward that more aligned time. 

Even though we currently haven’t reached the same energetic level found in that more evolved time … we are progressing in that direction. That makes sense to me, given that humanity isn’t quite where we might otherwise be. The climate in which we find ourselves today doesn’t feel or appear to be what I would term as higher.

But now, there are those seekers who are looking to enact a higher, more enlightened way of life. And here, the Elders seek to provide more details in response to the more that has been requested. In this way, new understandings can be brought into our time … this time. I hope you will listen carefully to what they suggest as they discuss disrupting and interrupting currently structured beliefs. 

Many today believe that they already know all they need to know. I’ll suggest that we can’t know all in this physical space. Our minds simply wouldn’t allow it. And so we know so very little compared to all that is. But higher understandings are what the Elders seek to share. Are you receptive to receiving such insights?

Consider that a higher understanding exists. Yet today, we regurgitate already-known understandings over and over again. We repackage each tidbit a bit differently. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what if the more they suggest will garner us an even greater understanding of what is? Does this make sense? If we were able to get what we needed from information already out there, would the world be as we see it today?

Universal Love

So, they suggest that manifestation and the means to manifest were quite easy to accomplish in that more advanced time. And now, do you wonder how Universal Love is to play a role here? They refer to this earlier time as a time of wanting. And they suggest that those who were gifted back in that earlier time could generate a unique elixir containing manifestation energy. That this more highly evolved evolution of humanity did so for those within their community. They created this energy mix for those who could not do so individually on their own. You might think of this as energetically gifting another as opposed to financially gifting them. A unique version of donating to a cause that was found to be wanting. 

What if you were able to move energy in a way that could gift others?

So let’s say you wanted to give back to those in your community … this is a means to do just that. This would be a way to buoy up another without money being exchanged. You could do so as often as you wanted to without money ever changing hands. Let’s say that you could more easily gift others in this energetic way. You could generate an energy of manifestation and direct this energy into your communities and directly into the world of form that you could charge Universal Love with a unique ability that would raise up another to bring them up to a higher level of being and elevate them energetically. You could do this as you further developed and grew your gift as you individually grew in the process.

This is the means of creating a unique elixir in the development of this blended manifestation energy. This is how to grow, expand, and create a unique energy blend. It would be a blend of Universal Love commingling with manifestation energy. Wow. Isn’t that simply incredible to consider? And as you ponder this, please listen now to the Elders as they share and enlighten us on this concept now. 

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