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Reflect Upon Your Profession In a New Way as It Positively Impacts Others

smiling.picsDo you ever consider your profession and its impact on others? Perhaps if you work as a doctor or nurse, you can readily see and know of the impact your professional duties suggest. But what if you are in another field? Normally you work toward a certain end, but today, the impact you have on another person may take on a totally different scope or premise than before. Do you see this?

Do you now look upon your profession differently than before? When you recognize how you can change someone's fearful disposition by the measures you enact, doesn't that make you move, differently? When you recognize how your insights and steadiness can affect someone's mental disposition, do you see a renewed value? When you are steadfast, you can buoy up another person impacting their life. Isn't that a realization of significant measure?

Renewed Value

If you are a sanitation worker, do you see your role as vital? Do you see how today to clear away what is no longer needed is to maintain a degree of normalcy? Do you also see how keeping the environment clean, and routine debris removal of ongoing value? What about a store or shop owner? Do you give joy to those who can engage in better thoughts when they walk around your small, quaint store? What about financial planners? Do they too have a role when financial investments are at risk? Can they uplift and restore trust in a time when nothing seems certain?

But what and where is the certainty in all that is? Do you see that often it is in the things you choose to focus upon that brings either happiness or something else to you? Do you see when focusing on things of a lesser nature that more of that is drawn to you? Are you looking to find validation of what you believe to be so? Universe seeks to provide confirmation as well. And so why focus on something that will only further diminish and restrict, when you could engage with something that is (energetically) so much more?

Uplifting Thoughts

Focus your thoughts in a more uplifting way. Then receive validation of those preferred things being drawn to you instead. And seek to find value in each component of the day. So as you look around, and find you are either at home with family or home alone, see value in each nuance that crosses your path. Do you have a project that has waited for the right time for you to engage it? Do you have items to clean or straighten so you can enjoy the actual space in which you reside? Might you make the area around you pleasing and enjoyable?

What About TV

And what about television? Do you receive comfort there or do you receive something else? Be selective and do not give all of your time to something that has no real long-term value. It is fine to engage with a means of distraction but do so meagerly. Do not lose yourself, and all of your time, in this way. For then, what have you really gained when all you've learned were the episodes of a fictitious story?

Create your own storyline by engaging with life in a manner that will change the trajectory of your life as you move beyond this time. Seek to establish a better plot point as you reflect on all that is about you today. 

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