How to Maintain Positive Thoughts, Meditate

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    Let’s discuss why the mind operates as it does. What you can do to stay in the flow of positive thinking and its positively charged energy. Slipping into negative thoughts that play out within the mind is easy to do. We realize to stay in a positive vibration and momentum or to move into a more positive mode requires a bit of practice.

    Are you up to the challenge this might pose?

    As we focus on the topic of the mind, know it is not always what you think or the thoughts per se. Remember also it’s the enticing or berating manner in which the thoughts are sometimes introduced that are there to engage you. These thoughts are put into play to grab and attract you in their quest to engage. You see, the egoic mind seeks to tantalize you with the folly it has introduced. If one statement or concept isn’t enticing enough, then another one a bit bolder is volleyed at you. An oppositional type of scenario might be given simultaneously to another adversarial type of mental jousting. Do you hear a constant chatter and an evolution of dynamics within the nonsense that is discussed? Do not lay judgment on yourself or on the words expressed through the mind. Yet be sure to notice what is being said. Notice and then shift into a more preferred line of thinking. Do so without judgment, dissension, or feeling. Be impersonal and unimpassioned as you become the observer of the thoughts.

    These are just thoughts floating through your mind. Give them no weight or lofty measure. It is the ego-mind running amuck if you let it. Perhaps the best way to describe this is to say you should be vigilant throughout the day and stay aware of what is going on in there. Far too many people do not monitor its activity, but rather allow the mind to run wild and free. That is not advisable in most cases. These things are what they are, and now these thoughts are no more as you move to engage ones that are more constructive. Ones that make you feel better. Will you do this?


    In moments when you clear your mind, you allow for a reset or recalibration of your body and mind. This is the true measure and value of meditation. It is when you shut off what endlessly flows into your mind that you allow all of your bodily functions to take a breath of fresh air in a much-needed reset. At the onset of meditation, take some deep breaths to engage more readily. Deep breaths can assist in a reset as you restore all through an inner peace that will reconnect you to Source.

    Take in deep breaths to a count of five on the inhale, and release your breath to a count of five on the exhale. Hold the final breath for ten seconds before you slowly release it. This breathing exercise will help your body to connect and allow for a reset to occur. Here you are able to clear out lingering precepts.

    A reset occurs too when you enable silence to prevail from the incessant mental chatter as you introduce this loving component into the mix. Meditation can become your new elixir of choice. It will bring unbridled energy and focus to even the most trying situations. New ideas will spring into your mind when you engage this option. It is truly a key to not only reset and recalibrate you but to also allow for new insights to be realized. Tap into this valuable gift the sages of old utilized. Clear out the clutter and open the mind to expansive thoughts that will renew and broaden your vantage.

    Continually monitor what chatter occurs there. As you move your thoughts back to center, shift into more positive or better ones. The blessing of doing such work is that your day will be happier and more advantageous. Your energy will not bounce around, but become more balanced. Recognize when the mind seeks to engage you in negative chatter, it restricts Universal flow. Minimize this by keeping all in check. This does take some practice and so work with this today, but remember to keep negative thought patterns at bay by immediately moving into happier thoughts and their corresponding deeds.

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