How to take a Different Course of Action When Life Throws Hardballs

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    Do you know why it is so important to stop, pause, and reflect upon what occurs within the day? Each occurrence is a stepping stone to another. Other possibilities, probabilities, and opposing realities can be seen more easily this way.

    And so this day, let us consider that you are experiencing some version of a preferred path. Is there something that you are doing now that will provide you with a greater realization of what you once sought to know? What did you want to understand more fully by coming to experience life on this planet? What was it that you sought to clarify by bringing such clarity into your being? You see, this is why you came to this (earth) dimension.

    When life throws hardballs your way — stop, pause, and reflect. When you’re engaged in some life drama, pausing or reflecting is not the typical course of action taken. Seek to unlock the mystery and meaning behind these occurrences. When you still the mind during unsettling moments or when you reflect upon them in a more whimsical way, you can find the greater insights they elicit. Seek insights that would allow you to see things from the vantage of your Creator. By enlisting a measured thought, you can move more surely into alignment with what you sought to know before coming into the rounds of birth and rebirth.

    Feel Your Way Through Life

    You see, life here is meant to be felt. You were also not meant to engage with life from a purely reactionary posture. Nor do you need to enlist meditation or contemplation prior to taking each and every step. Yet engage each avenue for the uniqueness each offers. Use them for the purpose they posture.

    Become Centered

    Use meditation when you desire to have a better foundational footing or understanding of what has occurred. Do you see that when you stop and reflect, or choose to stop and deflect or move in a manner not restricted to engagements of the mind, you can then move more assuredly toward what you wanted to experience here? You can shift out of the more reactionary mode many choose to utilize in today’s highly energized arena.

    It Is As It Is

    And so do consider that life here is as it is. It is not meant to be illusionary or vague. It is meant to be in this form so you might experience something you wanted to more fully understand. Yet, if you move from this to that, and do not fully reflect upon what you are moving through, then how do you know how you have gotten from here to there? And if you do not experience what you’ve longed to understand from this or another lifetime, how can you come to appreciate what you have or have yet to accomplish? 

    You see, so much needs to be understood. If it is not understood and you move in a reactionary manner rather than engaging your next step through contemplation or meditation, then you may not be able to grasp what you might (in this way) glean. 

    So do move to engage life in a manner that will allow you to move in a more measured fashion. Move decisively so you might garner all you have sought to know more fully or completely. Take steps to fully embrace what you wanted to experience when you feel your way through this life with its many ups and downs. In this way, you will more surely know what you were looking to garner from it.


    We provide this insight so you might enter into a contemplative posture now and then we will move forward to provide more.

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