How to Take Back Control Over Those Things That Feel Out of Control

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Do you consider how your attitude may be different now than in normal times? Do you see, as you contemplate the uniqueness of this day, you may feel stresses that are not usually present? When formulating how to move about the day, do you believe many things to be out of your control? Free will choices are still present yet many unusual choices also appear that you might not routinely contemplate.

Do you feel choices today are modified? Perhaps you believe you cannot live right now from the full expansiveness of what is. Or can you?

Choices Today

Can you elicit a posture to see how there are positive attributes that you can look upon instead? Recognize you have a choice to see the glass as half full or half empty. Now you can look upon having ample time with family members or others in your household. Engage in activities that before couldn’t be done because of time constraints. And what about the use of technology? Doesn’t that make communication easier today?

What About Attitude

You see, when you maintain communications with friends and loved ones, your mental attitude will remain in a better space. Your disposition will be uplifted by remaining steadfast and in contact with those who will also be buoyed up by your engagement with them.

In this way, your attitude can remain more healthy and vibrant. Seek to look upon the beauty within the day that you might have missed inside your office or when engaged in work endeavors. Choose to focus on happier things as opposed to those individuals who would seek to scare you. Choose to enlist gratitude for all that exists within your day including food, shelter, and your health. Have you taken these things for granted in the past? Might you look at life and all that is and give gratitude … this day?

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