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Intuition, Our Next Event & Self-Love

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    Grow your intuition

    Intuition – how does it play a role here? It’s been over a month since we held our first live, in-person event of 2023. An excerpt from a question posed during that event discusses self-love. The Elders shared from their perspective what self-love means to them.

    I was surprised to hear what was given as it wasn’t what I’d expected. Now we’re less than a month away from this next event. It’s in Sedona, AZ, and I can’t wait! So it seems quite appropriate to share here what you might expect there.

    And what about the growth of all we share? Do you see (as I do) these understandings growing and taking form? I believe much will occur and grow because of three things. It will be because of your participation, your intuition, and your purposeful intention to share these insights within your community that their message will flourish.

    You see, the tools you learn here are those that will enable your tomorrows to be so much better, if not the best you might experience. You will garner the ability to add inner strength and to move in an empowered, unparalleled, and unprecedented way. Are you ready?

    Grow Your Intuition

    Do you want to develop the ability to grow your intuition and grow your intuitive muscles to make better choices? Let me share a great example that comes to mind. I was driving down the road late one afternoon when a scary image flashed onto my dashboard. It was an emergency notification that popped up and into my view. It was an alert about the tire pressure of one of my tires. If the sensor reading was accurate, one tire was quite low. So I immediately called a tire store from my contacts. I asked if they had time to inspect my tire. The fellow who answered there said they were slammed and wouldn’t be able to look at them until their closing time, about four hours away. He suggested I wait until the morning and arrive there early the next day.

    As it happened, I was relatively close to another tire repair location. I’d used them as a backup, but they were undoubtedly not my number one choice. Yet something told me to drive to their location anyway and see if they could help me more immediately.

    My intuition seemed to be tugging on me to listen. I didn’t want to change my course of action but felt compelled to do so. So I yielded and took the short drive to this other location. When I arrived, I found their work bays were empty. They had no customers. The two technicians were standing out front. They seemed to be waiting for me to arrive so I pulled right in.

    These technicians found a nail in my tire. They said it would have gone flat overnight had I waited. I was so grateful I’d decided to trust my intuition.

    Hone your Abilities

    Have you honed your intuitive skills? The example I just shared was the third significant intuitive one I’d had that week. So I can personally say that intuition is of immense value. Developing that muscle can save you time, and money, and provide you with peace of mind. I’ve learned to listen to my intuitive voice when it pops up and offers guidance. I guess you could also say this is trusting your gut.

    Today, my number one priority is to share and grow what I’ve been given. Are you receptive to receiving new insights? Consider listening to our last event or attending our upcoming one in Sedona, April 6-8. Be in their energy and decide for yourself what this incredible resource yields. If you’re in the vicinity or want a fun yet beneficial weekend workshop to play in the energy, please join us. 

    Life is about choice, and know your free will choices matter. Your choices impact everything. The ones you make are the difference between stepping into the life you’ve always wanted or settling for a status quo existence. What do you choose?


    I would be remiss to not say a bit about self-love. It’s so important. The Elders are from the Energy of Love, and so their perspective and loving energy are key to what they share. They expressed points I had not considered. Rather than recap them here, you might listen. They answer a question posed during our first 2023 event – on self-love.

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