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Is There Value in All Life

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    value in living with dementia

    Is there value in all things? Those individuals who do not appear to be aware of much of anything, what about them? Is there value to be found there as well? Do they contribute to more than can be seen right now? Is there more to be gleaned from their life experience than might be realized? Is this the experience you or they truly want? Well, that’s difficult to say, and you might consider if various life choices have contributed to their current situation. But do not remove from your consideration the value of all life as you contemplate this question. Surely, you know there is value in all life, although you may not readily see it. 

    Is There Value in Alzheimer’s or Dementia

    Alzheimer’s and Dementia: There are those who are quite content to simply sit and be. They are still on this planet and do have the ability to co-create their world from a place of constant contemplation. They are alive, they observe, and they reflect inwardly. And this was the desire of some to feel what it was like to be able to experience life from a vantage of self-awareness.

    Perhaps they experience a nirvana of sorts in the mental shutdown that is experienced. So know that each is on their own path and although you do not see merit in this or that life experience, you do not have all the pieces to their puzzle. 

    No Judgment Needed

    Did they seek to experience something of a different nature than you might feel to be of value? And so there is worth, although some observers may not see the merit there. That is why it is so important not to judge and to allow what exists without putting additional limiting mental constructs upon the other. Seek not to cast judgments of what you believe to be worthy or not. There are unknown aspects that exist in life. Strive to change things for their betterment but also seek to allow for another to have a life experience you do not fully understand. This is their experience and not yours.

    Conscious and Subconscious

    Can you see too the degree of understanding and assimilating that is necessary from the conscious and subconscious levels? There is an awareness of sorts that exists here although perhaps not as you might prefer. Do continue to care for and give love to another in a situation that is not of your understanding or choosing.

    Your experience and what you seek for your own life may be different from another’s expectation or desire. Are you a part of another’s life because you did offer to assist them to act out a certain life experience? Can you pose questions inwardly and receive or sense the answers provided?

    A Schoolroom of Sorts but Where Co-Creation Begins

    Some have called life a schoolroom of sorts. We choose to think of it as an extension of life in a more dense form that is allowed from a form-based facsimile as opposed to a mental-ethereal conception. This is the true location of co-creation, and so although it is a schoolroom of sorts, it is so much more than that. It is where others can join in on creations, where many co-creators can join together and manifest while in physical form. It is a unique opportunity to join together to build alliances and form a physical bond to progress and propel mankind.

    Each earthly experience has a vitality and a limited timeframe in which to accomplish objectives. Although it feels like you are here forever, from our perspective, it is mere moments. Time is fleeting. We seek to interject concepts that might allow for self-realization to occur in a faster methodology. To allow for a change that could more quickly benefit those who are here. Those individuals who are willing to hear what is imparted to positively affect their existence in this day.

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