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Understand the True Meaning of Karma as You Disavow Man-Made Components

karmaMight you consider an earlier blog post from January 2018 titled, Karma, Is it Man-Made? It sought for the reader to know the intent of what the premise of karma truly incites. We seek to add a bit more to the dynamic expressed then. You see the feeling component needs to be more fully understood now. And so we address it again this day.

First consider how unresolved, emotional occurrences are transferred from one incarnation to the next. This happens as rounds of rebirth occur. Do you wonder still what might be amiss?

As you go out to do this or that, decisions are made. Do you enact, or simply ponder upon what is to be acted upon? What might be done, or not? When considerations are acted or focused upon, there is a vibrational equivalence created. You see when thoughts are in play, an energetic component enters in. This energy then moves out from the one who did create it. Over time, more of that energy will return to its creator. This is the law of attraction. 

As you move to enact anything, there is a vibrational frequency or energetic equivalence established. One might say it is the energy of the creator creating their creation which creates an energetic frequency.

This energy then moves out to gather more of its kind as it returns full-circle back to its originator. The vibrational component discussed does (almost as a magnet would) attract one to the other. These occurrences then generate resulting consequences. A verse you may have heard states, "As you sow, so shall you reap." You reap as you sow. This defines the law of attraction in play.

As you Believe, you Perceive and Receive

Certain definitions, including the definition of karma, seem to add more than its meaning and energetic intent implies. Some definitions limit by the words used and how they then define. We would say that karma is not real in this way. Not real unless accepted by a free will choice to enlist it as it is inferred. To balance this or that is not a component of how things were meant to be acted upon.

Focus Here for This is Key

Focus now on what is not to be accepted. What we address here are man-made components and not its premise or intent. It was not intended for you to balance each thing amiss. Nor were you meant to make perfect that which was flawed.

You might instead move in a manner that will align you with what was earlier out-pictured, in a misaligned way.

Do not miss the alignment aspect given here for this is key. It is here that you draw more or less to you by what you agree to accept. Do you see how you align with what you focus upon? Further, in the doing and postulating upon this or that, there is a bit of anchoring or tethering (of this energy) to you. Not limited solely to what you postulate upon but also to what has been enacted or moved into play.

Karma Let’s look it up

And so we will say there are subtle and overt components that the translation, as defined, infer. For it is not in the actuation of the doing, but in the feeling component where so much might be better understood. Much does occur when the activity is done and is felt. And so it is the feeling component of the creator creating the creation that we discuss here.

When that part of the equation is minimized, compartmentalized, or stuffed down and potentially layered upon, the feeling component is amiss. Focus on the feeling component as its absence must be recognized. Why miss feeling each experience? This is where you might first look to adjust an understanding very subtle in its alteration. 

But do you see, over time, there is an even greater misunderstanding of what it is meant to convey? This is the subtlety we now discuss. You see, this thing from your past is simply meant to be a catalyst and nothing more. It is to bring you around to that which was misperceived and misconceived initially. In this way, a greater understanding might result.

You might get from here to there anyway but why not take a more direct route instead? We suggest bypassing the detour proposed if you wish a more expedient time to be spent on this planet. Why add more incarnations? Choose to enlist only those things of merit. Not those due to arbitrary or inaccurately held understandings. Otherwise, you are taking on more than was intended for you to do.

Why take any unnecessary steps which layer even more upon you in your acceptance of a man-made insertion or assertion? A self-limitation created from a limited, perspective-driven definition. Why add this component to the equation of your life? Restrict its entrance and do not accept its premise. This is your right. Limit what is not worthy of further consideration.

And so it is.

Note: Read the January 2018 post titled, Karma, Is It Man-Made.

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