Transforming Fear into Action: The Power of Resolve

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    Do you realize that fear draws many unanticipated things to you? Fear is a frequency that does emit a dread of sorts. Might you release this feeling and look toward some other means as home preparations for you and your family occur? What might you enlist instead?

    Might you engage (moving forward) from a posture of Love? Move from this frequency instead. Have you considered how others share a degree of the fear frequency rather than the frequency we suggest? Each need not hold onto this fear. It would be best for each to seek a more fear-free connection. The fear factor found in this day is of no real value. When connected to fear, more like-kind energy is drawn to you. Limit your attraction to those things undesired and focus upon those which cause a more uplifting response. Seek distance from those communications or communicators who self-limit through an agenda of fear and negativity. Instead, choose to align differently. 

    Move Beyond Fear into Resolution

    Be Resolute. Resolve to…

    • Know each thing is as it is;
    • Move when engaged from this lesser energy into one of centeredness;
    • Inspire others by your steadiness and steadfastness;
    • Step in to assist others (literally and insightfully so they might see things as you do);
    • Be more selfless, yet prudent in steps taken;
    • Know how all things are as they are as there is no denying what is. 

    Be kind to one another for they do not know as you do. For you know this too shall pass. Hold this certainty with you at your core. Hold this truth deeply, firmly, and lovingly convicted. Then this will resolve and conclude much more readily. Believe this today and each day moving forward.

    Enlist Love

    And so, move this day with Love. Love for others; Love for self. Not in selfishness but in compassion for those you are most surely connected to … as all are the one. And in that oneness, move today convicted that “all is truly well”. Not stated flatly as mere lip service would elicit but with the energetic, inner conviction of the one who knows this to be true. Then it is so.

    And so it is.

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