Make Healthy Choices, Choose Wisely

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    Choose Wisely

    Choose wisely in your dietary choices. It’s so important. What can advance Alzheimer’s Disease, has no inherent benefits to the body, and lacks value in all ways? The answer is ice cream. It is one of the unhealthiest junk foods that can be ingested. It should be bypassed at every opportunity. Limit the quantity taken in to protect both body and mind throughout your journey here.

    Choose Wisely

    If you indulge in foods with lots of sugar, in time, you will crave more foods that have even higher sugar levels. One does feed the other as satisfaction is hard to find here. Do you routinely, and at a certain time within the day, crave certain foods with a higher sugar content as a thought pops into your mind so you remember to indulge? The need to ingest such things sets off an internal alarm clock as new cravings develop. What can you do to change this behavior?

    Choose to alter how you think about eating so you desire foods that fuel your body and mind. This may require a bit of mental training or retraining as “cold turkey” tactics might be engaged. This method is a good way to rid the body of junk foods that don’t offer your body anything of real value.

    Can You Look At Foods Differently

    A better option might be how you choose to look upon your choices. You might instead choose to see things differently. Look on various food groups and learn the benefits such food groups impart. Fuel your body so that it outperforms how it might otherwise function. Fruits can be a wonderful dietary treat and offer so many intrinsic attributes. It’s a matter of recalibrating your taste buds as you remove unhealthy, sugary foods from your diet.

    Consider, too, how you want to see the later years of your life. See value in retaining or regaining your health. Each undertaking can take you less time than you might imagine when you start to develop more conscious eating habits. Establish a new way to look at how you eat. Once you do, you will wonder how you ever ate those valueless foods.

    Body Temple

    Guard what you put into your body as it is a temple of sorts. Why do we call your body, your temple? Imagine and know, all that you are, is made up of energy. Your body contains and is comprised of pure energy … although it feels like anything but the pure energy that it is. Your body was made by God, Universe, or however you refer to your Source. As such, your lineage is divine. Treat your body with the respect it deserves as the God spark or essence within should be protected by you.

    You were made with intention. The intention was to give you a body vessel where all that you are could be easily contained and maintained. In this way,  you could also attain your every desire. All of the energetic ingredients necessary for this life are housed within your current body’s form. Energetic components are stored there too, so your body and mind need to last a lifetime. Everything depends on it because if things fail, you may have to leave here before you can experience the full measure of this life and all you might otherwise accomplish.

    Therefore, choose to ingest those foods that have good nutrients and a positive impact on your body and your overall health. Select those foods and food groups that will sharpen your mind, give you energy, and inspire your day by giving you a greater ability to attain all you want in this life.

    Avoid Ice Cream and Donuts

    Ice cream does not, nor will it ever have in its current form, the same nutritional value found in other food groups. Cravings can be addictive, especially when sugar is ingested in larger quantities. Donuts are another example of what to eliminate as they can clog arteries and offer no real nutritional value. Look at the foods you eat and analyze if certain ones might be reduced or completely eliminated as they offer little or no fuel to run your body.

    Would you add gummy substances to your car’s fuel tank? Surely, you would not if you wanted to keep your car operational. So choose foods that add to your well-being, rather than eating those which would lessen your body’s ability to perform. If you want all of your faculties about you throughout your entire lifetime, choose wisely. Make it your objective to reduce ingesting valueless substances found in junk foods. They alter the effectiveness of both your body and mind. 

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